There trying to put me in hospital soon im scared

I don’t know why Im just really scared this time, could someone help me out, maybe I can get out of this situation sorry.

Be calm, @gamter . In hospital is not a bad thing if your situation is not good.

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maybe be glad it aint jail. idk your situation but i count my blessings


Personally, I never found the hospital to be that bad.

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if you indicate that you are a danger to yourself or other people they can make you go if not dont worry but if so that is the best place to be right now why are you scared ?

@starlight72 and everyone, im just scared something bad might happen.

why do you think someone is trying to get you admitted to a hospital ?

I don’t have hospital experience. But from the experience of other sz patients at this forum, it will help you.


I’ve been to hospital a few times and I survived.

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I think the best thing you can do is present well. As in wash daily and shave, eat well and get out. They got me for “self neglect”!

Rememeber to take your meds, and if reduced recently sugest lifting them back to the previous or high doseage. They see this as having insight into your condition!

If they wan’t to establish you on something else sugest going in voluntary. If you stay well the ward is usually nicer and the people are less acute. They put me in a Phychatric intensive care ward, because I didn’t go quietly.

Hospital is boreing, but you can do things to make it easier, like packing a bag as I went in with just the clothes I had on. Also a phone charger so you can surf the internet or listen to music on your phone. they might ask to keep your charger or headphones locked away for saftly, but it provides a invaluable link to ther outside world.

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Wow I’ve never had a hospital allow phones on the ward. You’re supposed to be working on your condition.
You can surf at home.
Plus they don’t want crazy people to steal it from you.

I used to be scared because it can be bad if involuntary. Voluntary is much better. So if people start suggesting it, maybe you should listen so it doesn’t get worse.
Now I’ve learned they can resurrect me from the dead, so I’m not scared any more. And when you start liking it, well that’s the time they throw you out back to real life.

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I don’t really mind hospital but it can be very, very boring.


They do here, but your not allowed to take photos and video’s or record any audio!

As in collect incriminating evidence :wink:

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