Thoughts welcomed on once monthly paliperidone

Invega sustenna? My depot nurse wants me switched to this but it’s a job and half pinning the pdoc down to sanction the change.

According to this conversion chart it would be 78mgs/month.

I’m on it and not a fan. It hasn’t worked to address my symptoms. Some people say it works.

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I remember taking invega sustena and it really went bad.

Could u possibly try the pill form first.


Given my track record of remembering to take oral meds(the reason I went on depot) that would be problematic.

Yea that makes sense I understand.

I wish I could say something good about invega sustena but I just can’t really.

Hopefully some other folk have better stories.

For me it works on positive symptoms i pretty much dont hear anything. I sometimes check to see if my voices are still there and they sort of are but its just one word internally in my head. I got negative symptoms now though. Have had them since i started taking the pills. And maybe a little before that. Im not sure but its the only AP ive been on and for the most part it works. Hopefully you dont get negative symptoms though…

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Do u take the pills or the injection

Right now the injection but i was on the pills for a year at first


I’m on it and while it’s addresses my psychosis and positive symptoms I have really bad apathy and motivation not to mention depression. I’m hoping to change. I did not get my injection today.

I read on one of your other posts your on risperidone. That’s what I’m holding to change to.

That’s right. My depot nurse says 12 injections a year would be better than 26. I do wonder how much trying to switch people is down to it being more convenient for mental health professionals in terms of reduced work load. Then there is the issue that in reducing the frequency of injections contact with services becomes more sparse and the issue of being put on auto pilot support wise gets heightened.


I’m also on the verge of asking to change to risperdal

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@firemonkey read the Invega Sustenna thread before. I muted that topic for me because I don’t like it

Yes. 12 injections is way better though. If I go on rispoerodone it’s every 2 weeks. If you go away anywhere it can make things difficult (with every 2 w
eeks). Services do get sparse that is true but I get my injection at my GP practice now and was only seeing my CPN once a month (until last week when I was admitted into respite for a few days)

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How do you mute the topic I would also like to.

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I only changed from Risperdal to Invega for transportation problems- couldn’t pick up every 2 weeks.

Now on Risperdal pills until I see my psydoc the 21st and ask about got ng off Invega because I am worried about being on two strong ap meds.

I am like you and have a hard time remembering the pills but going to try to remember.

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Thanks @anon51414962 151515

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I was on Paliperidone and it made me suicidal. Had to switch meds

Invega has helped me with positive symptoms.
But I think it dampens emotions too much.

I haven’t tried it and I don’t want to try it. I’m a bit afraid of it. I’ve heard it causes insomnia. That is the last thing I need.