Thoughts on this medicine cocktail?

Okay, not really a cocktail because it’s only a few medicines but it’s the only word I could think of.

So recently, I saw my new psychiatrist/behavioral medicine doctor and she decided that soon, I’m going to be put back on Lamictal because I’ve been having sleeping problems while on the Vraylar and it’s gotten worse recently. She said something about it being possible to be on Vraylar and Lamictal at the same time, but I’m skeptical about it, even if she is a doctor. While I have no heart issues that I know of, I read that heart complications can happen from the two interacting, but only if the individual has already had heart issues (if I recall correctly). It just makes me nervous at the possibility of a serious health condition happening just because I took the wrong medicines at the same time.

Has anyone ever taken Lamictal and Vraylar at the same time? Should I call her again tomorrow (if they’re open) and tell her what I think?

That’s a $700 - $800 a month ‘cocktail’ in my country.

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I didn’t know what other word to use at the time while writing this, but I would be taking 4 medicines at the same time.

The question to ask yourself is: Do you have a diagnosed heart condition? If not, I wouldn’t worry. Trust your doctor.

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