So about the sickness ordeal back on Saturday

I figured out that my medication just makes me more sensitive to Aspirin and Coffee if I take them too close to Vraylar.
Other than that mishap, it’s been working pretty well so far, I feel clearer in the mind for the most part and want to be more involved with my pets and with people, plus my paranoia and anxiety haven’t been nearly as bad. I mean other than gastrointestinal side effects, it’s definitely worth it so far, but I hope my doctor can find a way to have me pay very little, it’s way too expensive on its own!


New meds are always expensive… until they go generic, then the price drops steeply.

I’m hoping a generic brand of it comes out soon, though there’s apparently a savings card you can get to help you save a good ton of money, and only pay $15.

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I’m afraid it wont be generic soon, Vraylar only came out like a year or two ago.

Oh, that makes sense then, I thought it’d been out a bit longer than that but dang, that’s pretty new!
I’m sure my doctor will figure something out to help me be able to afford it then, or so I can hope.

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