Thoughts on insects

every time i see an insect, i think it’s a reincarnation of a friend from my past. a reason why i don’t kill insects much, especially if they are cute beetle-shaped.

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I’m afraid of some insects, but I also acknowledge that they’re helpless, so I tend to leave them alone if at all possible. I don’t like smushing them and have been refusing to lately. They’re just trying to live their lil bug lives lol


lol yes. but if i kept my place cleaner, i wouldn’t have to worry about these deep decisions.

just that the bugs seem to be attracted to me. so i think they might know me or something. maybe i wrote poems to them in their past life or something. lol i don’t know.

could also be because i’m a bit dirty. but that makes everything boring. ;/


I hate bugs. I have no delusional issues with them and I have no moral problem killing them although I prefer someone else do it because it is so gross.


I kill black widows brown recluses Japanese hornets and flys oh and damned misquitos…sp…and dammm ticks…oh how I hate ticks…i will spray them with hair spray or ax and then light them on fire while their feasting on my blood…bastards…ahem… but pretty much everything else has a free pass… beetles are cool praying mantis are awesome even if I was attacked by on during mating season their like kung fu masters… love the bees and need them… most spiders are just getting rid of other bugs for me I know they could make you sick if they bite you…but they prolly wont rot off a chunck of your flesh or just out right kill you like the spiders on my kill on site list…


We have many Black widows in our yard, and I’ve been told Brown Recluses. Nothing I hate more than a bug who takes more than there fair share.
I like to freeze the Black widows, I keep 2 in my freezer currently for good luck. They’re pretty much like humans though, freeze them all you want but the minute you try to thaw them out (it was a gross misunderstanding with the current Hubby)their red hourglass goes all black and they never come back.

@sirBoring You must have had a lot of friends from the past?

thing is that the analogy is “the birds and the bees.” i’m a bee, not a bird. then there’s the queen bee being served by a hive of bees, another metaphor where insects go for non-males. so yeah, i’m probably over-thinking this reincarnation/insect thought… lol

that’s cool to know… when I was younger I would freeze those giant orange and black tarantula wasps… once they fall asleep you can tie a string around their middle right under where the wings attach… and then tie the string to a rock… and I would leave the rock string mean ass wasp on my bullies front porch ring his bell and run off before he answered…hahahaaha