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----Written 7 Month’s Ago----

good morning (__________)

you see some time ago there was a spiney in the glass rose folder,

he was at the bottom,

I thought to myself,

“let us give him some seasoning, something better perhaps then buggiebugs”

he said “no thank you we like the buggiebugs”

you see the web is beautiful

and those mothies enjoy the look,

they decide that it is the end of life, possibly on suicide watch (sometimes)

so they lay down and fall asleep

and as I type with tears they say THIS, “please help us we are tired and old and looking for a safe place to rest our soft bones” - (______)

and lightning spineys await with patience unknown to pale fleshers,

they mothies lay down and smile,

and the spiney says

“are you ready?”

mothie says “this is gonna be weird huh?”

spiney like the most serious on the planet says nothing and walks up to mothie

and then the blood flesh dance begins,

and the wish is granted…

I l I (written tonite)

I have an odd relationship with nature ,

we lyke ta vizit one another but NO TOUCHING ,


once we are done we are done ,

and then we both move on ,

Last year I seen two snakes ,

four to five-ish large spiders ,

one large lizard ,

and several four - ish smaller lizards ,

plenty of butterflies ,

BIRDS almost errrrrTyme I went outside ,

many birds ,

dragonflies ,

a type of winged insect that always said “yes” OR “no” ,

I am not into any desire whatsoever to touch or be touched by any insect ,

but ever since 2006ish when I was plucked frum society ,

I realized that I know how it feels to feel lyke an insect ,

then during that realization when I would see a moth ,

I would smile and say “well hello there !!” ,

and watch and jus await for lyne crossinG ,

which would jus meen ,


One Frog As Well ,


Tha next tyme yoush shee an insecT ,

jus trie and understand what they are up to ,

jus shaye hello and shee iv you get anY messages ,

you may OR may naught haVe found your new friends …

And who doesn’t want ta throw and insect party ??

(Thee end) - (to be continued)

  Test Test Test

1.) Do you Have Any Experiences With Insects That You Were Amazed By ???
2.) Would You Still Kill An Insect After reading This Thread ???
3.) Have You Ever Felt Like An Insect Before ???

  1. yup. That cockroach that dashed across the garage in front of me only to stop and push it’s giant behind up and down in a mocking way to say “na-na u go’ng tu smoosh mi n e way- ne-ne”
    so I thanked him for the laugh, dashed over to him, and smashed him flat with my bare foot. eeeeewww.
    He was with me for a few days, I’ll not forget him soon.

  2. yup. sorry. Any and all parasites get the smush in my book-literally.
    Once I grew tomatoes in my backyard only to get one of those plump green worms that eat all the vines. Did you know they feel like a slightly deflated balloon when you pet them? Just had to see what they felt like.
    Then, after a few weeks, they turn into a lovely brown hard cocoon with a jug handle. Then, after about 6 months, out pops a large brownish moth-smush-parasite. shame all that work for nothing, but I just had to know.

  3. yup. I’ll be dressed in my finest, waiting for that foot to smush me, fair is fair.

Truthfully, I do like bugs, The insect guy Gerald Durrell? origionally from Greece, who was an amature naturalist, and had a show on tv showing most bugs were good, was a turning point in my life. I feared bugs up until then, but now, find them facinating. (look in my freezer, you will find 2 very large frozen black widow spiders from my backyard in a childs plastic toy container-they are good luck to me)

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I’m always amazed by caterpillars and spiders. They really do beat the odds.

As far as killing an insect… try not to… but some insects like wasps or the killer bees have to be kept in check since they kill the beneficial insects and other small creatures.

As far as feeling like an insect… yes… I used to identify with Franz Kafka’s Cockroach a lot. I felt like the cockroach and I was sure I would meet the same end.

If your a Durrell fan there is a lovely movie about his life as a kid. Starts in England heads to Greece… “My Family and Other Animals” Very funny and sweet.

Sounds good!
It was mmmmm (?) in the early 90’s that I came across his show, Amature naturalist, and it changed my view on not liking bugs whatsoever to getting known as the bug auntie. I used to get my nephews to pet the backyard slugs instead of smushing em, much to the dismay of my mother.

(thank yoush) - (for tha replies)

You need to read the metamorphosis by Kafka.

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I have heard of Kafka but I never read up ,

pretty much on that entire realm of intelligent poetic artwork ,

i’ll keep his name in mai head and check him out one dai …

The metamorphosis is about a guy who wakes up one day as a cockroach.

haha that’s awesome ,

one day I felt that I turned into a cockroach ,

and then ,

opened the fridge and ate and drank everything in sight ,

you know as a cockroach would do ,

one other day I was sittinG in tha floor and was getting ready to write a sentence ,

my mynde was blank and I dropped tha highliter on tha paper ,

the fall created a highliter mark of what looked lyke a roach ,

and then ,

and THEN ,

I jus wrote this with an empty mynde ,


those were sylent , weird , strange , fun , daise …

thanks for the memories …

That book did me in for a long time.

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1984 (by) George Orwell severly cut my shroat ,

not saYing it’s bad ,

but really got into my subconscience …

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Lololol yeah I didn’t like it either!

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