Bugs are cute too... I am hoping to cheer someone up

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I also just found out… If you have a teen sister who wares glasses… telling them they should wear antenna and black polka dots… and would make them look cute like a big round lady bug…

yeah… that doesn’t work either. She thought I was calling her bug eyed and fat. So to make it up I said, she’s very skinny, so she’d be more like a Praying Mantis.

More :cry:
There are a few days where I can’t wait until she’s 18.

Bugs can be cute.

How cute is that? And super good luck for the garden… :smiley:


This is so funny! I just found this little guy on my lunch break!

Baby praying mantis!


They really are one of the most beautiful bugs out there

Yes, I think praying mantises are cute! :smile:

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Aww :heart_eyes: I never knew cute is what I could say about bugs until now…lol

When I was little, I used to be really at one with nature. I used to let all kinds of bugs crawl on me–roly polies, catapillers, and who knows what else. Once, I turned a roly poly over, and it had babies all over me. Thanks for bringing me back to nature @SurprisedJ. I work in the garden, but I usually do not appreciate the bugs.

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really precious…whole new meaning for the word cute


Dragonflies can be cute too and have the big eyes…we’ll have to go with a red & pink one here…

You should really get back to it… it’s also very therapeutic… I have butterflies land on me sometimes. I let them stay, and dragonflies, but the ticks and mosquitoes…nah… when i was little i used to let mosquitoes bite and would watch them fill up…Not any more though…
Here’s a Black Swallowtail that landed on me and wouldn’t leave even when I brought it in the house a couple years ago

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Of course women like Praying Mantis’s,lol.

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LOL, and dragonflies…

But beware the one who likes these, haha…

Actually a few years ago I watched a Black Widow with a hornet caught in it’s web and all its babies waiting to eat…the hornet was trying to sting but the spiders were too fast…it was fascinating to watch…wish i had a video at the time…and at one point I gently pet the black Widows back…she backed up about an inch, then resumed wrapping up the hornet…

I wouldn’t recommend letting those crawl on you though…

No, they can kill you!!!

When I was living in a group home at the peak of my disease they took the whole house to Big Sur for a week long camping trip.It was beautiful but I was miserable. Bad memories actually. But me and a counselor got up early one morning and took a hike to find some natural hot springs someone told us about. We ended up walking AT LEAST 20 miles through the mountains with just a few breaks. But on the way back we we wading down a river and we turned a corner and covering some rocks were millions of ladybugs. I’ve always liked ladybugs, they are the one insect I don’t mind. But there were so many of them that it was scary. I’ve never seen anything like it.

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I’ve seen some swarms…but not like that. there would be maybe 50 or so bugs all in the window and the sill.
There are 2 kind of ladybugs, the kind we’ve always had around the garden, and the Asian kind that can bite. I wondered why when i was a kid they could crawl on me and never bit, but a few years ago i was getting bit by them sometimes. When i did some research on it i found the asian kind that look almost just like the other kind do bite.

Praying mantis’s are nature’s answer to male chauvinism. Can’t think of what nature’s answer to female chauvinism is. Give me a bit.

We’re supposed to ignore it, lol. Didn’t the use of the word “chauvinism” go out of style around the time that bell bottom jeans went out of style? Next you’ll be calling me a male chauvinist pig, lol.

Somebody mentioned dragonflies… Reminds me, I have a photo I took of one. Beautiful, slender insects they are.



Do you mean everyone does NOT have one of these (Black widow spider) in a small Tupperware container tucked into a corner of their freezer for good luck??

…sigh…I still have one in my home freezer, the freezer at the shop had 3 in one container…until one of the employees spotted it then tossed it.

The red hourglass stays red as long as the spider is frozen, soon as it thaws out, it turns black and the spider dies.

Ha! I did have one for awhile, but it melted…it was in the very cold back part of the fridge, not the freezer. I do have 2 goldfish in the freezer that died in one of my ponds 3 years ago…