Thoughts on aquariums

I’ve been reading about the benefits of keeping an aquarium - I know they require a lot of work to maintain but apparently in spite of that they can be good for reducing anxiety, something I struggle with. Plus I’ve always loved fish and have had several pet Betta fish over the years, all of whom I cherished.

I’m wondering if owning an aquarium might be a possibility for me once I move out of my parents’ house (lots of cats here) and into an apartment as apparently most landlords don’t have a problem with fish ownership (just from what I’ve read). Something to consider. In the meantime, there are always aquarium videos on YouTube lol.

Anyone here own(ed) an aquarium? :slight_smile:


I’ve never had an aquarium, but I have plants, and I think it’s kind of similar? Probably makes you more relaxed and helps your mental wellbeing to have something to take care of. I’m sure aquariums are a lot better than just plants.


Lot of work. Saying that. My family had a fish tank that was totally neglected. The two fish in it got to a size where you could have filleted them and had a feed! Bought from a local market and every other fish from the aquarium shops died quickly.

Get some tough fish and keep that tank clean. It really is a lot of work and you need a good filtration system!


I’ve been thinking about getting a fish tank myself for the very same reason you said @antidepressant044.

Even just gazing at the tank can be super calming, and fish are generally easy to take care of. There’s some really cool aquascaping out there where people create really natural looking tanks with plants, rocks and driftwood:

If you get a tank, make sure to post pics :slightly_smiling_face:


@anon9798425 I think you nailed it. It’s nice having something to care for. I do have my dachshunds but I probably won’t be able to take them with me when I move out, which breaks my heart. :frowning:

Plants are nice. I inherited some snake plants from my grandma that are still at my grandpa’s. I need to bring them home and have my botanist boyfriend advise me on how to take proper care of them lol.


@rogueone :o Those were some big fish. And oh yes, you’re right on the money about needing tough fish. we’ve tried keeping goldfish in the past but our local pet store sucks so we always ended up with sick fish that never lasted very long no matter the food or the quality of the water or the filters. It was so sad and I felt so bad for them.
I’m hoping a move to a more urban area will mean better pet stores.

@Schztuna Ooh aquascaping sounds neat, that’s an element of aquarium ownership I was unaware of. Now I have something else to research tonight haha. Thank you!

I will definitely share pics if I end up getting an aquarium! :slight_smile:


I’ve kept aquariums my whole life. The past ten years I did reef tanks and now I’m getting into planted aquarium aquascaping. It’s a great hobby.


You should get something interesting like American cichlids. You could start off with something simple like firemouths. I have had a few of these before when I used to have aquariums. They are pretty easy to look after, and quite easy to breed too if you dont put any other type of fish in the tank. They normally have sections in aquariums for them, they are a bit harder to look after than something like goldfish but they are way more interesting so it is totally worth it.


My psychiatrist has an aquarium in the waiting room outside of his office. It’s kinda dirty, the glass is green, lol

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Been keeping aquarium for 25 years. It depends on the kind of aquarium you want. Planted aquariums require a lot of work and maintenance. They can become a pain in the ass.

I like to keep simple tanks because I don’t like doing the work. African cichlids and catfish are probably the easiest fish.

Planted tanks are a hobby within a hobby.

It’s an expensive hobby too. Figuring out what fish will go with what. You can’t always trust the pet shops some will tell you anything to make a sale.

I have 5 fish tanks in my house. My cousin has a 75 gallon high tech planted tank. He’s pissed he put a small pleco in and it ate his entire foreground of expensive plants.

I have a 55 gallon african cichlid show tank and two 40 gallon tanks I use for breeding.

I only do a water change on my tanks every 2 weeks. In case you don’t know every once in a while you have to take old water out and put new water in. You have to buy a hose that connects to your sink. They’re not overly expensive. Or you can use buckets but their a pain.

Most pet shops tanks have a lot of diseases in them. You have to learn how to spot them so you don’t get sick fish.

At this point in my life I could have been a marine biologist with what I know.

It’s a fun and reward hobby. Just don’t get discouraged you’ll learn as you go. I suggest staying away from plants until you get a grasp on how aquariums work.

Stay away from top fin brand aquariums at petsmart. They will leak I suggest going with aqueon tanks.

The all in one fluval aquarium kits are pretty nice but their small and small tanks can bit a bit challenging. Generally the larger the aquarium the more stable the involvement is.

Fish mostly come from 3 places. Asia South America and Africa. Don’t mix species from the 3. Go all african or all south american. Sometimes mixing them can work but only if you know what you’re doiing.


Its a great hobby. I had a aquarium and its really relaxing to look at. Its not difficult. I had 2 algue eaters to keep the tank clean. My tank had a light as well to see the fish better and had a sunken ship scenario.
When i would have money i would get a aquarium again. A terrarium for turtles is nice too but smelly when you don’t do the regular cleaning.

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