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good morning it’s morning in my part, do you ever wonder what about you is normal and what is not? I often ask myself this, I would like confirmation or to hear that I don’t have any disease, I have difficulty accepting the conditions that are in between, then I am very sensitive to those who diminish my experiences that I think are psychotic because it means that I am not there understanding nothing

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Meds have shown me what I think most normal people think. Ahh. No racing thoughts 24/7 where you can’t sleep or your overprocessing every situation. Less paranoia where I question everything when I shouldn’t have too.

Yeah it’s tough but I’ve seen that things like sz are more a disorder but it’s very real. It’s nothing mystical or magical which a lot of people fall into. I think that is a big trap for most of us.


Nope. I know I’m not normal and I have embraced it. Normal is boring.

I try to consider myself as being lucky enough to know what my problems are. Knowing your problems is the first step to solving your problems.


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hello I don’t have schizophrenia but I think I understand you, for now I’m quite relaxed however, it would be better if you didn’t ask me if something is normal or not but for now it’s like this for me I hope to change, I think it would be better if I changed the treatment perhaps.

I’m often ashamed for who I am… if I felt accepted by someone maybe I wouldn’t be ashamed, but even the kindest person has something to say about me

I don’t want to depress you but I think if I have a disease I can also have cognitive deficits, and I wonder if it were true what I was able to do without the deficits, maybe I could have continued my studies, or maybe nothing would have changed