Thought Insertion - A human-like character in me?

I’ve actually only heard of thought insertion once before when it was mentioned to me. Tonight I read about it on Wikipedia and thought “this is me!”.

I’m a variation on most thought insertion people, in that I’m aware the thoughts that come to mind are NOT from external people, but I do believe my thoughts are not from me - but from something else in my mind, like the voice that speaks to me, for example.

I want to know if there is anyone like me. I have a voice in my mind that’s very much like a human. He’ll comment on what’s happening, people from my history, things to do, or general insults etc. Then I also am made to think about what I believe he thinks about…and his thoughts are typically similar to what a human would think about. I am 100% sure they are NOT my thoughts. So it’s like I’ve got a guy in my mind that speaks to me and thinks often. The thoughts are not random, but similar to what a human would think (but definitely not my own). Also, for each thought, I do see an image in my mind associated with the thought. Sometimes there isn’t an image and I just think his thought.

Does anyone else have a human-like person in their mind that BOTH speaks and thinks often? (i.e. you’re MADE to think of his thoughts often)


Andy PR

Yes, when I was not doing so well, I was really thrown by thought insertion. The vile little voice in my head had a contextual human anchor to reality. Horrid thoughts, really upsetting vile stuff would be swirling around from this one source that I was convinced there was just no way it came from me. I was really upset that someone outside of me was planting these thoughts in my head. The voice talks about stuff that I have no idea how I learned it or picked it up.

That voice shows up to this day, and it’s just a vile and ugly, but I now take it as a sign that I’m getting tired and unable to keep the door to my voices shut. Usually when I’m OK, I can ignore, rationalize or minimize the voices. But as my energy wears down, they act up and it’s harder for me to ignore. There are only two that are really nasty. The rest are pretty benign.

i have people talking to me all the time in my head but also they are separate to me, i can most of the time see them, standing next to me or near me, this is normal to me, and i enjoy the interaction with them.
take care

I don’t hear voices anymore except rarely, but when I do hear a voice while I’m doing things, ordering me mostly, or describing or analyzing some act I’m doing, I hear my voice, it’s me, my subconscious, it is smarter than our consciousness, I did heard other voices as well, it’s all from memory, I can recognize the voices from memory and when I don’t; I search for what voices I’ve heard in the last days and I find it finally…look at cases of DID, the mind creates personalities which are different than the basic person’s personality in most of things, it’s the creation and complexity of our minds…The thought that there’s someone in your mind is only a delusion.

Well look at it this way… an apple has an inside and an outside.

So does reality !

Hear we are… inside our reality, so what proof is there that voices do not come from the other side, the OUTside ?