Thought I'd try something kinda random - Learning Romanian

I watched a hilarious video of a kid who speaks Romanian and he went through various restaurant’s drive-thrus speaking Romanian as he ordered. I thought, “Wow, that sounds awesome! It’s like a mixture of Spanish and Russian.” I know, it’s a Romance language, like Spanish, but I love foreign languages. My English is hard to beat (I studied enough of it, so it damn well better be!), and my Italian is cosi-cosi (so-so), so I resolved to learn Romanian. I have no practical application for it, but I thought it would be fun. I downloaded a few apps onto my old iPhone to get myself started, and already knowing some Italian, I found it fairly easy to pick up. I’m having a lot of fun. I’m still on the basics, but I’ve got numbers somewhat conquered. I enjoy learning a new language, and I’m really having a blast. Anyone here know any Romanian (I know it’s a long shot)? @Sarad, I know Romania is not too far from you…do you know any Romanian? Here’s to hoping… :smiley:


Learning languages is cool. I want to learn more especially polish my English just to have that. I mean I’m no English scholar but its decent. It could get better.

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The only thing i know about Romania is a Count Vlad and Transylvania. Oh and I used to have a big kitchen table made in Romania!

:smile: Sorry… Romanians are not the South Slavic language group…but which one they are I would have to check out…

Interesting plan though

Romanian is a Romance Language, in the same family as French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. :wink: What country do you live in again?

Yeah I googled it lol
we are in the same larger indo-european language group…but Croatian belongs to Slavic family ( along with Russian, Ukrainian, Serbian, Macedonian…).

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