Thought I was going to die!

I carried heavy bottles of water today, up several flights of stairs.
Thought I was going to die afterwards!

I couldn’t catch my breath after struggling for more than half an hour!

I am so out of shape but to be fair they were real heavy and I was climbing up a lot of stairs.

But man that was something scary!


Hmm. . .

There’s A Song, (By) ‘Led Zeppelin’, Called ‘Stairway To Heaven’.

It’s A Great Song, Because, No Matter How Dark It Can Get.

The Void Waiting In The Abyss Cannot Be Lost.

Like A Key, A Spoken Parable.

No Matter The Winter’s Frost. . .


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Are you a smoker? I have trouble carrying heavy stuff up to my apartment which is only 3 floors. Makes me worried for my lungs

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No but I’m obese and diabetic.
There’s something wrong with the placement of my lungs too, I forget the medical term for it.

I’m also in my late 50s

So I guess it adds up.

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Ah yeah I gained a bunch of weight when I got psychotic like 7 months ago and went off my meds. Just sat in bed and ate delivery ruined my bank account too so that makes it worse for me also

Also have asthma so that can be bad sometimes randomly
Slowly losing the weight tho since Im back on abilify

Have you considered maybe getting a rescue inhaler?

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No I think I’ll be ok if I don’t over exert myself @zwolfgang.
But thanks

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I would probably have the same problem if I tried that @Wave . And I’m only 48.

Maybe going up the stairs every day might be good for you
How are your knees?

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You hear that Wave? It’s every day from now on! :rofl:


My knees are pretty good @pob
Yeah maybe I’ll use the stairs more.
The vacation home has lots of stairs, I’m not used to it.
My house is basically on one floor, very little stairs.

lol @Bowens …. 155555

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I’m glad you’re ok. Be careful. Maybe carry fewer at a time and just make more trips. I don’t know your physical condition, but if you’re really out of shape and suddenly do something highly strenuous, you can have big problems.


Sudden strenuous activity for an older gentleman with weight issues is extremely risky.

Perhaps, it is time you slowly built up an exercise regime. It is never too late and it adds years to your life.

Get a couple of 5kg dumb bells and do what Homer in the Simpsons did, but remember use both arms :smiley:

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Yeah thanks @ZmaGal and @labratmat


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