Thought Echoes

Hello guys, last year I got a drug induced psychosis.
I had conspiracy thoughts about people watching me or sending me signs from social media, I thought people wanted kill me or my family.
It was a hard chapter of my life.
Now my paranoia is gone I still suffer from
thoguht echos. I was wondering if some of you has the same issue or had it.
Is it possible to recovery fully from psychosis and what suppliments you take or use to maximize your cognitive functions and the get rid of thought echoes.
Sorry for my english.
And have nice day guys remember to keep your heads up! :slight_smile:

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Hey I too had psychosis which was related to drugs. I have to say I got over 99% percent of it and now I live a better life then before the incident, even though it’s very different.

I think this disease can benefit u if you are lucky, but not everyone is like this…

Hope you have a better time soon, stay in touch if you need any help!


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You have thought echo? Voices repeat what you think?


Please describe a thought echo

So It’s basicly I think about something like I would go out and I hear it loud in my head like the word “go out” or I think that I would grab a beer and I hear the word “beer” or sometimes I see colours for example someone wears a red shirt and I hear the word red in my mind.
Also what happens to me is like I pre think the conversations with someone before talking with them and I hear it in my mind like what I want to say to him/her.


In your head? It is internal?

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Like you think about something for example a person and you hear her or his name loud in your head. Or you think about I dont want to work today and you hear it loud in your head.
Its not that loud its like an inner speech my own voice dialouge but still annoying cause cannot have quiet in my mind.

Its internal on my own voice, its usually fast and and not that loud. Its like you read something and you can still hear what you are reading.
And its repeats what I’m thinking of but not all of my thoughts and just the simple thoughts.

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I have internal voices too.

can you hear them talk back?

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I dont hear voices which are talking to me or commeting about my actions. By this I was meaning like you start a conversation with someone and you want to ask lets say directions.
And you would say to him “excuse me where is the zoo” and I would hear this question in my mind repeated and loud. Even though i didnt asked him yet

Is it simmilar to thought echoes like hearing what your thinkig about or what you see and stuff?

I hear what I am thinking. But i also hear someone narrating what I am doing and thinking. It’s a running commentary.

By narrating you mean like you see something and you hear it loud in your mind? Like for example today at the morning I was smoking I saw a bird and I heard the word “bird” in my mind.

I smoke and I hear “he is smoking”, or “he is looking at this”, “he is sleeping”, “he is standing up”…

Ohh, and how long have you suffering from this. Is there something that helped you to get rid off theese thoughts?

Haldol helped. Along with risperidone. You? Do you take meds?

Have you had something simillar experience?
Or do you have any suggestions to cope with it?

I started with olanzapine and switched to quetiapine and some anti depressants.
Now want to try out cbd oil and I also lowered my dose to 250mg but I never heard from haldol.
But even you take the medicine you still hear the voices right?

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I do have conversations in my head, but the other person is talking too. I find that if I stay busy I don’t hear it as much. When I’m alone and not doing anything it can get very annoying. The conversation will play over and over. The same thing will repeat itself and it drives me mad. Or I will have someone asking me questions over and over until I finally give up and answer. I try to ignore it but if just gets louder. The best solution I know of is taking medicine regularly and staying busy. That’s why I come on this site a lot, it gets me out of my head and I can get into other people’s heads for awhile.

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