Thought echo

I decided to do some research to figure out why I’d think something and then I’d hear it be repeated, except louder than the original one.

Apparently its called a ‘thought echo’ which also can count as ‘voices’
I found it quite interesting, and it’s another thing I need to note down.

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Yeah you really have to pick your symtptoms a part and learn how they operate. My voices seem to be losing power cause I don’t give them the time of day anymore. But I had a lot of that thought echo ■■■■ going on there for a while.

Thought echoing gets so annoying. I often find myself telling it to ‘shut the hell up’ because it will repeat so many times.

Yeah man, fight the good fight. You’ll get better or at least adjust to it. I’m suddenly finding myself with exquisite control over what’s happening in my brain.

It seems that the more awareness one gets the easier it is to fight. But at the same time its a bit harder because you know it can fight back.
I can’t safely read a book without slipping out of reality and then having some trouble.

Yeah continuous grounding and distraction is a good tool. If you can find an activity to completely emerse yourself in

I mostly try to do physical work because it leaves absolutely no room for anything to interrupt. In automotive class I have to focus on automotive or theres a chance that something bad can happen. (a car falling off a lift, etc)