Those few time travellers

There are those few amongst humanity.

They have experienced time travel.

Not kidding, they really have done it.

Imagine talking to those guys eh?

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They can do it all to, forward or back, speed it up or slow it down.

There is only one time dimension. You can’t eat and burn the same apple and if you do then there you go there you found two time dimensions. Since time can’t be turned back outside computer and also because there is only time dimension apart from computer time travel is impossible, but inside computer time travel is possible because virtual reality makes what is not possible in physical world possible in virtual reality.

The simple truth

In physical reality

Time travel is impossible

and in virtual reality

Time travel is possible.

Today I sent two messages to Russian President and multiple messages to Indian Prime Minister and I posted all those messages in this forum too. I don’t know if they will give me a befitting reply. Waiting for something to blow up.

We’re travelling into the future right now.

If we understand the components involved with this and find ways of manipulating it then it is most certainly possible.