Convo with voices

“Hey, a question. Why not slam that rock into this place? Do it please.”

“What are you offering us?”

“What do you want?”

“You don’t want to know, really you don’t. When we do favors then that means someone is doing us favors to, you aren’t like that. Believe us, you wouldn’t like it.”

“Do it for free then.”


“More worthless than i am, it’s no sweat off of your back.”

“Thanks for the compliment.”

“This is our world, we’ll get rid of it when we wish, it’s not up to you.”

“So you have more plans for us then?”

“Yes. We’re not done.”

“Great then.”

There is no telekinesis that much is certain. They couldn’t put and end to it if they wanted to.

No my good friend, they could indeed slam apophis into this curse, they do indeed have the ability to do this.

Telekinesis, interesting thing that is. Imagine if there were invisible forces that could move many things, thats all that telekinesis ever was. It’s only something real an feesible moving something, just something we can’t see is moving the object.

You can even get in a person’s head and create the illusion in their minds that they do indeed have the ability. You make them concentrate on something, they are curious so they will always do it, and then you invisibly move it for them. Blammo! The illusion is created almost instantly.

There are also mechanisms that you can attach to people from the other worldy dimensions, really advanced technologies that can indeed do things. At times you don’t even need to tell them something has been added, they think they are special and it almost always leads them into being complete dicks to others who can’t do it.

All of those things, including miracles are purely scientifically explainable. Even miracles are only interdimensional illusions although they usually contain some deeper metaphor.

Now im getting into the theories of time travel.

I think it’s actually possible and may have already occurred.

When you think about it the flowing of time is nothing but an illusion created by our bodies, we ourselves and everything here has been here the entire time. It looks as if it were changing from our perspectives, it appears to be going forward and that there is a backward but there is not.

This is simply a thing, and it has always been exactly the same thing. You may be able to go to what appears to be different times because of this. You wouldn’t be going to a different year or day though, this is only a thing and it has always been what it was.

We are made of the exact same particles that have always been here, we are nothing new although we appear to be.

Because of time being an illusion you may indeed be able to do what appears to be time travel.

I prefer to not believe in telekensis or time travel it keeps things simple.

Sorry bro.

Didn’t mean to ruffle your feathers.

They aint ruffled at all. I used to entertain those ideas it just got me nowhere so I dont anymore.

Ah so you like to go places then?

Have you found good ways of doing this?

Id love to hear them if you are willing to share, what will get us somewhere?

I mean I thought it through but it taught me nothing about the universe. Praise science.

Yes, science is truly wonderful.

Until you begin feeding cocaine and lsd to monkies that is. Some of this “science” is nothing but a hellish and worthless nightmare actually.

There is the science of the light, and the science of the dark. We’d probably just begin projectile vomiting right now if we saw and knew the ■■■■ that was going on in those dark sciences.

Science isn’t ■■■■ without wisdom, have to have a solid goal first you know, and you have to do it well to get there.

What i wish to know scientifically is can we convert ourselves into pure energy, we all know that stuff is there and we should be it! If we came from the pure energy then there is more likely than not a way to get back to it.

Thats pretty insightful. Yeah humanity is ■■■■■■.

As soon as you become pure energy you loose the pattern of yourself. We could blow ourselves up I guess.