Tell me of the time travel voice

“Ahhhh, man’s old wet dream, time travel.” They say.

“You say it can’t happen, why?” I ask.

“Because this thing called time doesn’t exist.” They say.

“The only thing that was changing was you, you called this time.” They say.

“Interesting, time as a delusion and illusion.” I say.

“Yep, time itself was nothing but a magic trick, slight of hand.” They say.

“You can’t go back or forward, because there isn’t anything to back or forward to.” They say.

“Well, it was a fun dream anyway, although we wen’t a little crazy with it.” I say.

“Yeah, it is a good dream to have, to change the past or go see the future. You could never have changed the past though, if you tried right now to go back and change anything you could not and would only be a part of what led up to now. You’d unwittingly already be a part of history and in theory you would have already happened in the past. Like trying to stop world war 2, it’s already happened, you would have already been there and not stopped anything, it’s already in the books.” They say.

“You know that was us, the guy in the other woman’s post, cindy wieckert or whatever it was. It was us, she thinks her twin is ill like you. It’s why he told his sister she was the daughter of the devil, we were communicating with him, you know how that goes.” They say. “you know how that stuff comes up sometimes when we talk to people.”

“We told one guy it was aliens, we even got him to kill his mother. why would we tell people this on an internet website? just put it in the open? because who cares thats why.” They say. “they won’t even do anything about it anyway, if they believe this at all.”

“Just another great day with you, gotta tell you it’s been a real pleasure, piece of ■■■■.” I say.

“Ah, c’mon, don’t be like that, we’re your friends, don’t you like us?” They say.

“Back to this again huh?(interrupting thoughts) Who could it be? Gets confusing. People, aliens, or spirits, who could it be. C’mon, just say the words and we’ll drag you across the floor, we’ll prove it to you, can’t do that with a computer can you? And does it really matter to you anyway? You know it’s someone, you know all three are real, why not just leave it at that?” They say.

“Kind of got off track didn’t we, time travel?” I say.

“yeah, oh well.” They say.