This weekend won't be good for cycling

The bicycle paths are frozen. I am really looking forward to spring. This winter has been a little depressing, we have had many days below -15 C. Well one month still and the next spring arrives. I had my candle light ritual. Remembered where I have been in the past. I have now lived nearly 19 years in my little town.


That’s a shame!

Cycling used to be one of my favourite things to do.

I used to go 15 miles across the coast and back again

Was a nice journey and being out and about around other people in the nearby city was interesting.

Now I do swimming when the gym is open

I posted this a week ago. I’m in sunny California so snowy icy weather fascinates me.


It has been quite cold here. With good winter clothes it is ok. About exactly 20 years ago I lived in my auto in LA and then drove back to Miami. I like to ride my bicycle, but not if the paths are frozen because I do not want to fall. I am planning to ride over 3600 km in this year. Good walking video :smile:


I used to train to race bicycles…would ride about fifty miles round trip a lot…exciting…used to patch my own flats, the whole bit, biker shorts you bet…miss it. had a killer bicycle too…


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