This sucks-totally irrational

Woke up late and now I am thinking " Is it worth getting dressed ?". The more I think about it the more anxious I get . It’s as though I’m expecting something untoward to happen if I do.


Did you miss something?

Didn’t miss anything.

I understand now. I sleep in my clothes most of the time now with my bed made and a throw to cover me. It’s like I have to be ready for ■■■■ to go down or something…I think that’s the ptsd talking.

Just stand up and get dressed. Nothing will happen.
Try to change the focus? Redirect your thoughts to the foreseeable future instead of the anxious presence, like tomorrow?

Here’s the ghost hug :ghost:

That ghost looks like an idiot.

sorry @firemonkey

No problem about the ghost.

Hey @firemonkey sounds a little bit like some OCD

This is the habit I had got into . Went from one extreme to the other. At one point I was semi permanently in night clothes only getting dressed when I had to go out, which wasn’t often. Then I swung right round and was in my day clothes 24/7.

Is it seasonal? Do you have ptsd?

OCD is not something I immediately associate with myself . Although the anxiety/worrying can have an persistent quality to it that might be described as obsessive.
In terms of rituals the only one I have which I developed a few years ago revolves around thoughts that I think If my mind persists with them something bad like I’ll be struck down dead will happen. Then I find myself coming out with a silly, nonsensical saying to distract those thoughts.

Don’t think it’s seasonal although my mood can drop slightly in the autumn/winter. No ptsd.

Like the simple act of getting dressed could possibly force you into an undesirable situation. I get it. Many times I just refuse to answer my phone/email for the same reasons. Unwanted stress and anxiety of the unknown.

How much time do you spend on the internet @firemonkey?

A lot of time. 2015.

Might be worth trying to limit it. Hard I know as I’m in the same boat. But gives your mind time to focus on just you. Look up sleep hygiene also.

Good point but what to replace it with/fill the gap?

Thought I answered that.

The net becomes to much of anther form of escapism.

It’s all baby steps. Take an extra hour off the net each day. Make it two the week after. Three the week after.

Basics to work on grooming, exercise and diet. Should keep you busy for awhile.

Sometimes we are just overwhelmed with what we want to change we go no where. So slow down. Make changes slowly.

Hoping the rest of your day goes better.


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Maybe you feel more secure not getting up as if it’s a more comfortable way of being and less of a shock to the system. You may have enough to deal with…