This site would make would a good book

If you take all the best posts you could put them in a book about sz. It would be a good book!


I like those stories where people come out of their shell after years of being alone and begin working and making friends and living well. Even though I have doubts along the way, I try to stay positive on here in hopes that somebody will be inspired and start trying to leave a life of isolation and nothingness behind.


Yeah, the title would be “Gone With the Psychosis”.

Or, “The Grapes of Delusions”.

Maybe, “For Whom the Hospitals Toll”.

Would we split the royalties 167 ways?


Yeah I’m sure your posts would be in the book because you are more mature than most people on this site and also you have a good life story living with sz. And you are a good poster! It also could be called “Living with Schizophrenia” or Schizophrenia from Schizophrenics point of View."

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