This may get me in trouble - CBD Oil


This may get me in trouble. But with my pdoc and therapist permission I tried cbd oil no thc. It helped but I stopped taking it because I was getting it from my sister in laws store. But she had me paying 3 times the price of the small bottles worth.

I found another store that sells it but a different brand a 1 oz bottle for the same price as the one from my sister on law’s shop.

It did help, my mind felt slower but not drowsy or cloudy. It helped to calm the anxiety and the TD too. I’m not saying it cured me but it did help.


Why would that get you into trouble? Is it illegal? I thought if you didn’t smoke it it was legal.

Medical or recreational marijuana is still illegal in my state.

I have heard the oil is too expensive to take the needed dose though so I have never tried it.


I know cbd oil is legal in my state. My partner is going to buy me some Friday. I thought I might get in trouble cause some members don’t like alternative meds. I’m still taking all my other medications. My pdoc said it was a good idea and to try it again


I may be mistaken but I think I have seen @SzAdmin post about it.

But I may be wrong. My memory isn’t what it used to be.


As far as im aware CBD Oil - in most countries including UK its not illegal as it has no thc. Dont sweat it mate - i use it myself for anxiety. If its helping and you can get it cheaper elsewhere - go for it. I pay £30 for a 10ml bottle from the same chemist that does my Seraquol and it last weeks


It’s mainly when people promote ditching your regular meds in favour of something unproven with no scientific backing. There is research showing that CBD oil can be effective, unfortunately it requires very large and expensive doses beyond the means of 99% of this community. I’m in the 1% that can likely afford it and I still don’t view it as a good value.


I thought about ordering online they have 1 oz bottles for 24.99 ten dollars cheaper than one at a nearby store. It helped but I was taking it three times a day 8 drops apiece which is half the recommended dose. My partner said she doesnt care about the price she wants me feeling better.


My pdoc told me not to take CBD oil and I’m ignoring him. I take it anyway. And it doesn’t harm me. It helps my anxiety and my arthritis pain.


I used to take it for insomnia and arthritis pain. It definitely helped. Wish I could still afford it.


Yes -there is some research that supports taking CBD but the amount used in the studies at the current prices would cost hundreds of dollars a day… so its probably not cost effective for most of us here. The small amounts that most people take probably don’t help people, suggests the research…


So it could have been placebo?


It helps for insomnia, migraines, anxiety, pain and stress according to my pharmacist. She sells it and tells you the dosage for what you’re trying to treat. It’s very expensive. I hope one day when the stuff is more available and recognized and legal that it goes way down In price or insurance will pay for it.