This just cant be true

So ive been diagnosed with OCD and schizoaffective and the intrusive thoughts and paranoia are so bad. Most of my thoughts are racist or sexually inappropriate, the violent ones have kind of faded. But i believe my thoughts are being broadcasted out to all sorts of people, usually rednecks who use some kind of crystal ball or some kind of technology. I hear them say back to me that theyre going to capture me abd torture me. Sometimes i hear “hes not bad! Dont torture him!” or just all sorts of stuff, they think im evil because of the thoughts. I also hear other voices that seem friendly but condemning, they say “Jerry its over” or if i think about going to heaven ill hear “sorry…” they seem to really want me to just give up trying to be a good person and just enjoy the rest of my life “being evil”…sometimes i even feel my body burning and theyll say “i wonder why that is…” please tell me that all sounds crazy, im very scared of being captured, tortured, and going to hell


Welcome to the forums. Given your experiences you’re in the right place.

Yeah, I had burning feelings, sometimes my whole body felt like it was instantaneously burning, but it wasn’t painful, just annoying, its a tactile (feeling) hallucination. I also had auditory hallucinations (hearing voices) and visual hallucinations (seeing stuff that wasn’t there). It was all disconcerting. I felt like I was broadcasting my thoughts and people could read my mind. I would have conversations in my head with people (telepathy). I thought others could see things through my eyes and the voices would tell me where to look. I’ve had lots of weird experiences.

But with meds its all gone 100%. I am on 60mg of Lurasidone (Latuda). I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia 17ish years ago.

Welcome to the forum. If that is your real name, you might want to change it. :hatched_chick::hatched_chick::hatched_chick:


Just remember it’s not actual people who want you to do things, it’s just voices you’re hearing. Try to treat them more as ambient sounds, don’t even pay attention to what they are saying. I haven’t found a medicine to get rid of them but Zyprexa reduces them to the point where I can ignore them.

Welcome Jerry, it sounds like you’ve been through a lot. I had lots of intrusive thoughts too but they can be improved if you work at it. There is hope.

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