Who does this fuc*ing guy think he is?

The fat, ugly, dumb, guy upstairs just acts like he has totally control. He walks up there like every time he steps on the ceiling I’m supposed to be scared. Fucin bastad. I wish someone would come along and kick his fat ass up around his ears.


Any chance you could find another place? This guy really gets under your skin, man

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You have worked for sometime,is your room rent or bought?
Maybe try to buy or rent another place where there is higher or lower floor level,like a small terrace house

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Yeah, I’ve been here a long time. I should find new place.

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I rent a two bedroom apartment.

Yea I mean,is small landed house around your area hard to find for rental?

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@77nick77 please don’t take this the wrong way.
But there’s a possibility that you are feeling symptomatic and although the guy might be annoying, you are making it a huge deal.

It’s happened before and you got your meds adjusted.


you`re tagline was intersting, all toughts are true but missgiven. Like in, they are not yours. but true…hehe, funny

Do you know my religion I would have to say kill him with kindness love and care by this I mean corrective verbal language he cannot dispute like you can’t help being fat you only made that choice once and things like people don’t care if your noisy why if you weren’t noisy they think you were dead and other nice things like your choice of clothing is wonderful for someone out of the Salvation Army dumpster anyway Nick you get my point


Okay, that was a pretty good burn LOL

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There will be neighbors like that no matter where you go. It sucks, but rude people need to live somewhere also, and not all of them are able to afford their own detached home.

You can’t control how he behaves. But you can control how you respond to his behavior. The only accepted legal recourse is to make a noise complaint when he is being noisy, and let the landlord sort it out. Other than that, your only options are the things you can control. You can tack blankets to the ceiling to muffle the noise. You can wear headphones or earplugs (or both) to give yourself some peace. You can leave a fan running to drown out the noise. I have some links for how to cheaply dampen noise in an apartment. I got them for my oldest, who is dealing with a similar rude neighbor situation. Would you like them?

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This is not the first time that he’s complained about “noisy” neighbors.
There is a pattern when he’s not doing well mentally @ninjastar.

He’s admitted to this before.

He needs a medication adjustment.

It’s worked for him in the past.

I know that @77nick77 has frequent struggles with loud neighbors. But medication is not the only possible response. Since we aren’t doctors, we can’t determine what meds he needs. Since we don’t live with him, we can’t know for sure whether the noises are a loud neighbor or a hallucination. Since we are not his loud neighbor, we can’t know for sure whether he is being loud on purpose, or just because he isn’t very aware.
We can only give Nick support for the situation as it appears from his own perspective. Most of us don’t have much say in what our doctors prescribe us, but we can still take steps to make out lives more comfortable and less stressful. If tacking blankets to the ceiling makes his home quiet enough that he can relax, that is a good thing.


I disagree.
I don’t want to be responsible for feeding his delusions.
My conscience is clear.

Feeding delusions is about not encouraging dangerous behavior.

I dunno, I just remember when i visited my BIL and he kept complaining that there was a microchip in his brain. The whole family was trying to convince him it was imaginary, but he kept insisting. So I asked him how he knew it was there, and he said he could feel it zapping him every time he blinked. Then I asked if he recently switched meds, and sure enough, he had just been taken off an AD the week before. He was experiencing brain zaps, and everyone around him didnt listen when he said he was in pain because he wasn’t expressing his discomfort in a way they could accept.

Something similar happened with Sun when they first came here. They kept complaining they had trouble focusing on reading or TV. The doctor diagnosed them with adhd and put them on adhd meds. But it didnt help, and made them sick, so we stopped the meds and asked them to describe what specific part they had trouble focusing on. Turned out they needed glasses, because they literally couldn’t focus on the words.

In the mental health community, we start seeing everything as a mental health issue. But sometimes, people just have sucky neighbors. Sometimes, people have squirrels in their attic. Sometimes, people have low blood sugar. We have no way of knowing based on words on a screen.


I don’t want to argue with a mod but I think you are mistaken.
I’ll just leave it there.

He’s probably stupid and delusional. They get like that.

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I couldn’t afford a house unless I just rented a room in one.

Well, that’s very creative anyways.

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