This is something that all of you on therapy should watch I think!

It’s a bit sad, but I think it reflects reality.


I bet that’s a schizophrenic the one the dr couldn’t help.


I think after watching this video two times, that the doctor was tired of all the others, as it seems that he gets sweaty more and more. It is just a video by my opinion that must trigger us that we should not count too much on therapy, because doctors are not gods and we can help ourselves too! This goes mostly for depression some of us have, or anxiety, or anger, etc.

It is very difficult for many therapists to treat schizophrenia/SZA/Bipolar type 1 through talk therapy - My psychologist kind of tries to help me, but my illness is biological based, it is a daunting task for my psychologist to quell down my symptoms using psychological techniques.

It is kind of frustrating for me to go see her, when all she is really doing is trying to implant positive advice - this common sense approach only touches the surface with me.

Good video @redrose

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I 'm just having therapy for other problems in my life too, as socialization, depression, anger, etc as I wrote earlier, that come along with my sz. However, although my therapist/doctor can’t cure my sz, he can teach me some tricks on how to handle it. As far as I know, only some newer therapies, like cbt help with handling sz, that’s what I am having too, but what I am saying is that we must try too with the help of the doctor to become better, (in depression for example) not to expect everything by the therapist.

Thats good @redrose - therapy is not a complete waste of time.
I am a bit frustrated with my therapist right now, I feel that she is not doing enough for me and that she could be doing more.

I am doing pieces of CBT and DBT - a combo of both - it helps me to a certain degree.
Medications of course helps me a bit more than therapy ever did

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My doctor who is my therapist, too, has told me in sz 50% are the medicines that fight it, and 50% psychotherapy. I know some other therapies like psychoanalysis are forbiden for us, they don’t do us any good, only bad, so, that’s why I spoke about newer methods like cbt and as you say, dbt.
But do you know why I uploaded this video? Because my whole life I was expecting someone to save me, a hero, a boyfriend, a friend, my parents, my psychologist or therapist etc. The truth is inside us. No therapist can help us if we first don’t want to save ourselves. And how can we save ourselves in this cruel life? We must change our environment first, and that’s I think when a therapist can be useful to us. It’s a bit complicated, but it has helped me a lot.

So true @redrose - I am glad that you are helped by therapy - therapy has some positive aspects to it.
I like to talk to someone once a week - it is good for me socially

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Yeah, I feel the same way, too. :slight_smile: Glad that you feel the same. If you want, you can pm me anytime! Wishing you and @Sparso the best!


talk therapy is great given that there is trust with the therapist, I meet with my family everyday and talk about my issues and listen to them, they are the source for my power and motivation, I also use self motivation as a type of therapy as I try to keep my self busy with literally anything, because the most thing I hated about me and the illness in general is the quiet mind that doesn’t dare to think. Work has been a very helpful add on treatment that enforces me to participate with fellow colleagues and employees as it demolishes the “I am not a human” thought that keeps ringing in my head. I need to wake up in morning and I need to deliver results, therefor under demand which facilitates my motivation, when I am not requested to deliver results I usually set aside my ability and start self isolation but with employment there is no space for that you earn it by effort. On a social level I always tend to be the listener as it’s the easier part of the equation but I do participate in conversations especially one on one. I might shoot a comment in front of a group but I won’t elaborate much. All in all I really think it is within our reach to live satisfied and fight the illness which I think is a psychological one. Thank you @redrose I wish you the same.

Dear Sparso, you seem to be very well. I am still delusional, not able to work and also face people. I have agoraphobia, and I also have other issues like negative symptoms that don’t let me be my healthy self. I have had this illness since I was about 10, so, I have been tortured very much in school trying to appear normal, not being able to study and trying too hard, and also with facing bullying. So, enough is enough for me, thanks.