This is something new on my desk

For eye and grip therapy.


Looks cool. What’s eye therapy?

oh, well, it seems like it is.

it’s glitter like a snow globe. You can slightly press into it tough.
I bought my son the slow, gooey ones
for those with needs.
I mainly wanted this for overly-screen-watching eyes.


You should get blue blocker eyeglasses, good for eyestrain and helps you sleep better.

I bought a pair but it wasn’t yellow enough. I needed one that just blocks all the blue in the evening, so it doesn’t interrupt sleep.

Seeing blue spectrum light fools your brain into thinking it’s daytime still, so if you see that color light at night your brain doesn’t generate melatonin properly, and you get insomnia.

Some smartphones have blue light filters built in. Well Samsung does. :rooster::rooster::rooster:


Yeah, it’s like a native function in some phones.

There’s a free app for desktop called f.lux which does that too.

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