This is really stupid

Where I live in England, you do not get access to a pdoc unless it’s exceptional circumstances

What you have to do is tell everything to your case worker who then tells the pdoc, then the case worker comes back with the advice - and then goes back

Now I wouldn’t have a problem with this, but the case worker is not trained like a pdoc

It goes back and forth a few times with misunderstanding, and no real understanding is found

This means that now I do not have treatment I need

My case worker didn’t even bother to come back to me yesterday, and every week she is off two days on other duties and I can’t contact her

It’s so frustrating that they do this

I have not been monitored properly by a professional on my medication, and I am upset.

Am I right in thinking that this is a really stupid way to deal with patients?

My view is that if the pdoc just spoke to their patients instead of the case worker passing incorrect messages around it would be simpler?

All the advice I got was to raise Pregabalin or Latuda, and if he’d actually spoken to me he’d know I wouldn’t do either of these things


I dont know if i could suggest a private pdoc every 6 months or so, but yeah it varies. I did search there are online private doctors in UK.

Have you been to any private doc before?
Just give it a shot till you fixate on one med.

Because i was going to a private doc intially, till recently.
Currently going to the one, best in the country.

EDIT: Sorry about this, it says followup in 6 weeks, I cant suggest …


I’m so happy that I have a competent pdoc. My life would be of a lesser quality without her.

That being said I’ve had to deal with incompetent people too. At least the psychiatrists are trained properly here and know their DSM (it takes 12 years).

I don’t know what to say. Basically you’re at a disadvantage because you live in the UK and can’t afford a private pdoc.

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They make it impossible.

If I went private then I’d have to leave the NHS completely, and pay extortionate prices for medications

It’s like the shittyest deal or get rich and have proper care


That’s normal here in Canada, too. I think it is anywhere with public health care – demand will always exceed supply when things are “free”. I think the thing that helps me is that I’m a curiosity that doctors like to have in their collections.

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Maybe you could write a letter to your pdoc and have the case worker deliver it, that way nothing gets lost in translation.


Sorry, I’m on a selfinflicted restricted internet, so I can’t view the link at the moment…

“It wasn’t a bad idea, Wash, but eliminating the middleman is never as simple as it sounds. … 'Bout 50% of the human race is middlemen, and they don’t take kindly to being eliminated.

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Yeah, you have a point lol

Maybe a bribe is in order. Jk :blush:

That sounds so silly. Especially having schizophrenia you need communication with your doctor. Im going to see mine tomorrow. Its kind of an emergency appointment

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