I have been lost for two years and im just starting to come back togither

I have the thought about some of the wildest things in my journey though homelessness. I had a wife for five years,and everything was going well then, i had a night where I thought i was fighting demons and Satan as a preacher and she overheard what I was saying and i suppose it was just too much for her.

 I wanted to make things right in a way but in a way i didn't so its been about 7 years since i have been here and two of them were homeless years. 

I love this forum, and i thank whoever it is who is responsible for bring us together. I need the help of other schizophrenics

So anyways I followed God all across the country going from mission to mission trying to please God all the while hearing his voice in my head, I don't like to think that it was God because that is backwards thinking to me

Also i have this conspiracy theory that the rich are grouping up with the poor with microwave or multi layered brain wave sensors that boost the signals of the brain like cell phones are boosted so that they can read and light is shown to cause reaction by brain cell ls so it could be that they enact upon mey brain certain responses by controlling the firing of the thought that i have at the moment they can do this in mris so why not with lasers and signal boosting

although i don’t know that for sure and i don’t care if i did what could i do about it

my illness even went deeper than that I began to get into the sane worlds realm of physics whitch makes me have unclear thoughts too
I believe what these physicist say about reality being waves of superposition waiting for us to think them into reality
this site shows a pinch of it

Quantum Experiment Verifies Nonlocal Wavefunction Collapse for a Single Particle

what that means for people that dont get into physics is that the universe is set up like a big machine that will give you what ever you want of what is possible

The bizarre nature of reality as laid out by quantum theory has survived another test, with scientists performing a famous experiment and proving that reality does not exist until it is measured.

and i have this thought expirament that i thought up where if you have two brains conncted through bci and they fall asleep in the same dream and they see a light post then the bci grows the brain cells in their waking mind so that they see the light post when they are awake that would be a form a creation thought into reality and if the global satelite system was used to put it in everyones brain on earth then it would be real

I stay away from science & scientific conspiracies. There’s a nearly infinite amount of ways to explain SZ as a scientific conspiracy issue, but to be patently honest SZ has been around since scientifically primitive times - back as early as ancient Greece & Israel and such.

I just think of it as me being disconnected, partially, from this world & connected, partially, to the world I will be reconciled with when I die. That’s a pretty soft delusion, and it doesn’t hurt my sensibilities at all.

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thanks I feel like I can put all that behind me now and move on with my life as schizophrenic in remission due to the pills.

Yeah as being sz myself I stay away from any far fetched or mystical theory. Like Mistercollie said, there could by a myriad of explanations as to why we are the way we are. And science can’t explain everything. In order for a theory to be stronger, it has to test the hypothesis over and over again. So to me, that says the hypothesis that forms the original question has to be very strong to hold up.

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**Welcome back to he forum-glad you are doing better! :v: **