This is interesting

High levels of Tyrosine and Glutamate were found in patients who were administrated Clozapine.

Does this mean Tyrosine (A precursor for dopamine) and Glutamate (A precursor for GABA) are beneficial for schizophrenia?

I think those are only two of the things researchers are trying to figure out still.

I would also look to see how /what they know about the collection method by which they took a sample to determine there were high levels.

I say this because an artical I read is saying another neurotransmiter , dopamine, is found in much different concentration in blood than in brain tissue.

This would be because of the blood/brain barrier. So these you mention might be the same as dopamine?

not saying it is false. just wondering what your article is suggesting?

fyi I will read your article soon. I have absolutely facinating things to do right now. (laundry)

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Dopamine is responsible for motivation and pleasure while GABA is responsible for anxiety.

In a sense you could say that both can interchangeably work on both things.

Dopamine for anxiety and GABA for motivation and pleasure. Does that makes sense?

I have no articles to back me up but to me it makes a little sense due to my experience.

I became very interested in amino acids and they’re role for schizophrenia to answer your question. The article suggests that Tyrosine and Glutamate play a role in SZ/SZA

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