This is how my new job going. Detailed

So I started my trial shifts at new work as Barista’s assistant and then I’m being trained to be one. I have to help make teas, shakes and frappes. Also I make caco drink and some minor paintings on coffee with syrup. I also wash dishes and serve customers to their tables, pick up leftovers and clean the tables. As for closing I have to wash a dishwasher and it’s parts, hang towels to dry, clean kitchen tops and some parts of coffee machine. One drawback was today that I had a minor panic attack from top much coffee and my hands were shaking while I was bringing cups of coffee to a table. There was once accident today as co-worker made some coffee into a small cup and I tried to drink with one hand and my hand was shaking so badly that I spilt some and there was awkward silence. I did not talk much today, cause of panic attack. I asked for a cigarette break later on when I was getting alright. Cigarette really helped a lot to unwind. I managed to finish 11hrs shift and closed as well. I’m not sure if I should take artane for shaking hands, or quitting caffeine would help, but I’m working at a cafe!!! I also had only 30 mins break. I was standing the whole day, so my back hurts a bit cause I have some extra weight. I am polite with customers, I always say thank you, you’re welcome and say goodbye when the are leaving. I really want to maintain this job, I hope my employer doesn’t get tired of my shaking and being too silent at work. I barely use phone at work, only to reply a message every couple of hours and only then I am doing it privately. I am also not smiling that much, so kinda have poker face at work, but I voice tone is welcoming. Now I have 2 days off to rest and I’ll be coming in on Saturday. I haven’t done everything they said, but I’ve done the essential tasks given. I also serve croissants, cakes and other pastries. The biggest obstacle like said is the shaking hands, sometimes everyone can hear a cup clinging while I carry it, then I get embarrassed. But I haven’t given up and not planning, I just had too much coffee and panicked a bit, but continued working. I haven’t sat down almost for a whole day, only for like 10 mins, but that’s not new to me, I was used to it. I can’t remember all recipes, but I also try to give the barista a plate for coffee and pour some milk into a frothing cup. I also started to froth and is going alright. They are currently not paying for the job, as I am volunteering right now and they want to see how I’ll do for one month and then they’ll decode to employ me or not. I can see that some baristas are worried for my hand shaking but I say it’s from medication and anxiety boosts it. It is really hard, it’s my first try after a relapse and I don’t want to lose this chance. It is not as hard as my last job, there is sometimes so time to talk and lean for a bit, but I always keep myself busy. I would like to have additional smoke break before my break, but I don’t want to bother my co-workers to ask for one, even tho I smoke in 4min. I also often check the tables, refill sugar and correct the chairs.


Wow, you sound really excited. That’s great. I’m glad you’re so positive about everything you’re doing. About the shaking I bet it calms down and you hardly notice it once you are less nervous. You’ll be an expert by the end of the month and then you’ll have a new paid job. I couldn’t be more excited for you. I can’t wait to start working myself. You got me really excited.


This sounds much more exciting than my boring ass housekeeping job. Way to go, I’m so proud of you! Latte art is kind of tricky, I never got the hang of it when I was a barista but I have a feeling you will. Remember to pace yourself and keep on doing what you’re doing!

Thank you guys, I’ll keep it up. Relapse break made me lazy and easily tired. I’m gonna avoid coffee as much as possible and drink hot coco or tea at work. The deal is I’m kinda perfectionistic and want to make a good impression at any cost. I get embarrassed at even minor mistake like making some mess or spilling a bit of coffee. I also lived in social isolation for a long time, so in a social place like this I get shy and anxious.

As you get used to the job things will get better. Just keep doing your best.

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Thank you I will. I asked if I can come in tomorrow or Friday, but they said have a rest. Even though I really would like to work, but it’s best to have a rest.

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Congratulations on your new job. It sounds like it’s going really well. It’s fantastic that you were able to finish an 11 hour shift. That’s a major accomplishment. Go you! :slightly_smiling_face:


Uh, here in California when I was 19 I applied for and got a full time job steam cleaning carpets in homes.

If went with another worker to be trained for three days as we drove to homes all over this valley. The guy let me do most of the work which he shouldn’t have.

After three days, we coincidentily had a meeting with all the other workers. I got fired in the meeting and some s*it happened. But anyways I worked my ass off for three days and didn’t get paid because it was “training”.

Someone told me to call the Labor Board downtown and I learned that it is illegal to train someone without getting paid. The law is that an employee cannot be trained for no pay. A company has to pay someone when they are training them.

We had a hearing at the Labor Board and I won and the carpet cleaning company had to pay me three days wages.

I’m sorry but did you say you worked 11 hours and only had a 30 minute break? I’m fairly certain that’s illegal. It’s illegal in my country, anyways.

It sounds like you’re doing your best, and that’s all anyone can ask of you so be proud of yourself.

What country do you live in?

I could take a bit longer, but I want to leave a good impression. Co-workers are saying I’m really fast at my break. Although I ask for a cigarette break in the morning or before closing so that actually almost evens out. Job is not so demanding it’s just anxiety in my way, we often sit down for like half an hour in the morning to drink and chat after early customers rush.

Trust me, you want to take your full break time. Working a job is a marathon, not a sprint. You don’t want to burn out by doing too much right away. Also, you don’t want to set a standard you can’t keep meeting on a bad day.

My co-workers are really understanding. It is rarely fast tempo job. In my previous job was much more physical and had overall 20 mins break. I would rather have some smoke breaks than sit for half an hour doing nothing


Okay as long as you are confident in your ability to manage. I just know I used to get myself in trouble at work by going 110% every day for the first few months, and then I would burn out and eventually need to go on medical leave. I do much better now that I consistently give about 60-70%.

The deal is that I am competing for a work position as another amployee is deliberately taking too many sick leaves and want to replace her.

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The deal is that I am competing for a work position as another amployee is deliberately taking too many sick leaves on purpose. I would be replacing her

I couldn’t do it, well done for you

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