This is bad news I like the face masks

For those in the UK


I’m going to keep wearing mine. That way people won’t see me mouthing @$#% YOU at them.


I hate masks.

Covid is over.

Get the vaccine.


Typo typo typo sorry

I think it’s a bit too soon with how many people are refusing the vaccine but I do admit the masks add to my sensory overloads

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What do you mean it adds to your sensory overload?

I can’t speak for moon, but the mask stresses me by constantly touching my nose and lips. The cheap medical masks tend to get frayed, and then the fibers tickle/scratch me.
Also the constant tugging on my ears.

I do have a reusable mask I’m quite fond of. I like the way it hides my face, especially my facial tics.

Another aspect is I need to be able to lip read in order to fully understand speech. Take that away, and add the way the masks muffle speech, and I’m impossible to have a conversation with in spaces where masks are required.


Haha - I love my masks too, cos in a funny psychology sorta way, i can hide behind it lol :smiley:

I will still be wearing one after the lockdowns lifted here next month in uk. Cos im not hundred percent convinced were not gonna get a variant that cancels out the vaccine.


Vaccine doesn’t provide perfect protection.

Many of us are still at risk of severe outcomes if we catch covid even with vax.

I’ve liked the year and a half of not having colds/flus and intend to continue masking for this reason alone.

It’s your choice to not wear a mask if restrictions are removed, but please respect those who choose to continue.


I like the masks! It doesn’t show your face so no one knows if you are wearing makeup or not.

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I mean, nobody is going to stop you from wearing a mask if you want to.


I like them because they’re a cute way to accessorize and they stop people I dislike from recognizing me.


I had an ugly confrontation with an anti-masker while shopping this week. All restrictions are being ended here next Thursday so the covidiots are already ramping up and on a tear. We’re watching Delta numbers rise exponentially in the meantime. Hello 4th wave.


In the UK they just found a new variant today.

… I just double checked maybe I imagined that!

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I remember feeling really weird going out in public when I first had to start wearing one. Now I am going to feel really weird going out in public without one.

I guess it just has to do with the psychology of getting use to a change.

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Ugh. I am so glad I live where I live.


Big fat typo

I personally still wear my mask and will continue to even tho I am fully vaccinated. I have become accustomed to them and I like to have them match my outfits. Also helps my anxiety around getting sick


I don’t get why were going back to normal, the vaccine doesn’t prevent covid and there’s the delta variant, were far from in the clear I’m vaccinated and I still wear my mask in the store.


the only place im required to mask up is at the hospital, i don’t want to be the only person in town wearing a mask. so i have stopped wearing mine, and am also vaccinated.