Corona virus mask

Is it selfish to think that people should wear masks with the corona virus?I try not run my mouth about people not wearing masks especially where I’m at it’s mandated but it seems ok to call me a sheep for agreeing with it and people like me on face book,stupid if agree with wearing masks and not start religious debate not real christian if agree with wearing masks and maybe not good good person. Seen it all on Facebook. My sisterlaw had to go to Dr and because she had mask on and the nurse did she didn’t get corona virus even though drs office called and said nurse had corona virus and to quarinte just in case and call if develop symptoms.i have elderly grandmother Im around and young nephew babysit it’s not just me I worry about when catching virus it’s who else could catch it and die

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I always wear a mask. People that cry about lowered oxygen are full of it. It’s been proven multiple times through people using PulseOx meters that masks do not noticeably lower oxygen intake.

I’m vocal about it. I’ve called people plague rats. I have 2 very vulnerable people at home that will most likely DIE if they are infected and get bad symptoms. My husband is diabetic with other issues and my son has severe allergic asthma.

People that cry about their “rights” are just disgusting. They do not care that they can get others sick and spread this disease. And claiming that masks cause a panic attack? Then stay home. Cause I guarantee that going on a ventilator or not being able to breathe at all will give a lot worse panic attack.


I’ve seen things saying it’s unhealthy to use masks cos of increased carbon dioxide…

Some one was spreading sheets in a bus

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That’s illegal, report him.

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I mean they were just spread everywhere in the bus. He wasn’t there anymore

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Lol, my family won’t even enter Walmart because now they are mandatory. Like at Barnes and Noble, we left because they told us we have to wear them. Needless to say, we’re not the biggest fan.

Masks are mandatory in shops, only about 80% of people wear them though.

You do realize that frontline workers are forced to choose between working an unsafe job or losing their homes and not eating, right? If we are going to insist frontline workers keep stores open, it is common courtesy to take minor steps so we do not expose them to a deadly virus. Minimum wage is not enough to risk dying, but a lot of people don’t have a choice.


My mom is a frontline worker, so I know perfectly well what it’s like. And I also know that it legitimately gives my mom anxiety attacks, and because of that she now takes medication and supplements for it. And plus, most data I’ve heard about says that it is inconclusive.

It really is difficult to breathe in masks. I wear them anyway cause the gub tells me to. I’m also one for minding my own business so if somebody is or isn’t wearing their mask I don’t care.


I wear my mask in public — simple easy common sense, if anyone has been sick in life you’d be aware how bad it sucks…
Much like obeying stop signs or using rubbers while know you have herpes …
It ain’t that hard to just wear a damn mask

Then the data you heard is wrong. Masks conclusively protect against coronavirus.


I’ve been tested five times for COVID so it’s pretty well established I’m not going to give it to someone. But I’m high risk and if I absolutely have to go out in public, I want to lower the risk of getting sick. So yes I wear a mask and I also appreciate it when others are courteous to wear theirs. I see how difficult it would be to wear them while working, but I’m appreciative of those who are being courteous and wearing a mask, so that I have a lesser chance of getting sick. I do encourage others to wear masks out of courtesy towards people with compromised immune systems.

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I think everyone should be wearing a mask. It’s literally the least we can do to not only avoid getting Covid19, but also to prevent spreading it.

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I even went out of my way to find news from a source you would trust. Everyone agrees. Masks are necessary. If wearing a mask gives your mom anxiety,but the possibility of killing another living being by not wearing one doesn’t cause anxiety, I don’t know what to say.

That was kinda rude insinuating stuff about his mom. I’ve had one panic attack in my life. My fingers all curled up and I couldn’t move them. It wasn’t pleasant. I’m surE some people have worse panic attacks. It can literally be crippling and feel like life or death.

I say that respectfully.

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I don’t trust Fox at all, in fact. And even if masks do help, I don’t like mandatory masks because I think it is unethical to force people to wear them. We should all choose voluntarily to wear them or not, not by coercion, which in my mind is unethical. And don’t ever say crap about my mom again, or I’ll report you to the head guy.

whoa @John_Raven you should probably be banned for attacking ninja on this…good luck…you should wear a mask…

Do you fight the seatbelt law? How about legal drinking age? Legal cigarette smoking age? These are necessary laws to protect society as a whole. It’s not always about the individual. It’s about society as a whole and what’s best for the majority

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Well, it’s a national crisis – millions are dying or sick in bed, I just kinda find it crybaby thing to do that people won’t take such a simple pre caution that goes such a long way