This is actually funny

14 years ago when I had shipped my auto to Antwerp, Belgium only to pick it up later when I flew to Brussels, I had lived over two years in my auto in America and I was a little messed up and thought that I could drive my auto from Belgium to Helsinki with the Florida plates and the US auto insurance, I really believed so, but then in Antwerp I met two Belgium police officers and I asked about that and found out that it was impossible, I should have had the EU registration and car insurance. And so I shipped it from Antwerp to Helsinki and took trains across the EU to Helsinki only to receive my car in Helsinki. I thought this was funny. Could you imagine me driving across the EU with the US plates and insurance? :smile:


I have a question.

Why were you homeless but able to afford the cost of shipping you’re car across the Atlantic? That’s gotta be pricey.

When I lived in my auto in America I never considered myself homeless, I just lived in my auto, I had an address in Miami and so on.

That would have been good if they would let you do that. I was in Panama for three years and had license plate from panama. When they shipped it stateside, I drove with those plates for awhile until they stopped me and told me it was unacceptable

Yes, that must be oddly. I feel embarrassed for even riding motorbike in other state. Now imagine yours.