I am alive

I am currently listening a song ‘Blue’ by Eiffel 65. I listened this song in March 2000 when I drove my auto to Miami from Atlanta at night. I had planned to fly to Europe then after sending my auto to Europe. But something mystical happened in Miami Beach. I met a woman whose name was Jacklyn and this and my visit to the Temple Emanuel made me to change my mind and I decided to cancel my flight to Europe and did not send my auto. After this started my over two year stay in my auto in Miami and elsewhere in America. After these 780 days in my auto I made a choice in 2002 finally to fly to Brussels, Belgium and send my auto to Antwerp, Belgium. I had planned to drive the auto to Helsinki from Belgium, but I had no European registration nor any European car insurance and so I shipped the auto to Helsinki from Belgium. So after these 14 years I am still alive and writing here on the net. Many things have, of course, happened, but as somebody said ‘the survival is most important’.

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You are independently wealthy?

Glad your alive!
Do you still have that automobile?

I had an interesting past few days as well.

I’ll die with my fellow Americans. If that’s what it takes.

To do what?
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No I have not that automobile any longer. It broke down in 2006, yes eight years ago. It served well, after all I lived in it over 780 days in America and then drove it four years in Finland. It was Mazda 626, an inexpensive auto I got in 1998 in Atlanta after my Volvo 240 DL broke down. Currently I am enjoying my bicycle rides every day. Good for my health.

Yes bike rides are good for your health and the wallet too.
I get attached to my vehicles, and I name them as well.
I do like riding my my bike around town, especially in the springtime .