This is a watercolour painting I did a while back

I like it.


What does it look like it is a painting of?


A cave with crystals.


That’s cool. It’s not what I intended it to be but abstract art is like that, open to personal interpretation.

Keep guessing peeps,


To me it’s the Thames flowing through the landscape.


Close, yea.

It’s actually a field of flowers in it with the sky in the back.


This is awesome


That’s gorgeous! I thought it looked like a landscape with flowers.


Brilliant piece of art! I love it!

How big is it? What paint do you use? Is it on canvas?

Where did you learn to paint like this? Is there a youtube artist who can teach me to paint like this?

Did you use an easel or was it painted with the paper/canvas flat on the surface?

Where would I even begin to learn a style like this? @LittleMissSlothy

It would look so nice on my wall!


I remember she mentioning she followed an art class for 2 years when she was in high school.


It kind of looks like dyed fabric for clothing, kind of carribean.

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My art teacher at school told us to draw or paint and then left for another room to have a tipple!

He never taught us anything! Not a single thing. He only bothered with those who had natural talent from the offset.

I was so disappointed with him!


Hey yea it’s watercolour on flat surface with watercolour paper.

I just kind of paint how I feel to.

It’s hard to explain.

It kind of requires trust in ones ability to just observe and paint what you see even if it looks strange initially.

Thankyou for the kind comment.

I really appreciate it!

Are you considering taking up painting as a hobby.

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Yes, I have been inspired by your work!

I would love to get those vivid colours from watercolours.I wouldn’t know where to begin though.

Watercolour paper! What paints do you use?

Any youtubers teaching you could recommend?

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I remember from my art classes that I have zero talent :grinning:

Art teachers and substance abuse seem to gel well.


Yes watercolour paper is essential otherwise the paper shrivels up from the water.

It’s an expensive hobby tbh.

The paints there’s cass art. They do relatively good value for money watercolours.

Paintbrushes I like sable… I think it was called. It’s sooooo expensive. This is when I used to have more money.

In the future I’d have to get cheaper brushes. Probably what they call student grade ones… They still okay though just not luxuriously good.

Also when you paint, you might want to buy masking tape and stick the edges to the support board until the painting is dry then peel it off. Cos otherwise the paper curls up!

Trust me though it’s an expensive hobby, maybe start with just one colour and get the different tones cos if u don’t enjoy it after all it’s a lot of money out the window.

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From cass art or there’s newton ones something like that they were called.

@labratmat :slight_smile:

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You can get sets for around £30 on amazon! Are they crap? @LittleMissSlothy

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Sorry to say they probably are. I don’t enjoy painting with crap brushes but idk you might not mind. At least for at the beginning u might not mind. I did thou.

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I see two people. One in purple sitting on a ledge. The other beneath, mostly in blue.

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