This illness isn't fair

I think I am going to go on that bike ride. I’ve been on here since I woke up. Maybe I’ll just go for a walk. Nah wait walking sucks, I’m gonna roll.

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Enjoy the bike ride, I always feel better after getting some fresh air. :wink:

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Hah, will try. I got winded just putting air in the tires. I’m pretty sure I’m not going to go back to smoking. I’ve got too much focus now. I know that tobacco only has less of a hold over time. I’m going to froget about it as quickly as possible.

I still see myself biking to the gas station and buying a coffee or something like that. Coffee isn’t as bad as tobacco though. I know I can control coffee in the long term. Just still within the first 24 hours of not smoking. The mind craves. That’s all it really is the mind craves. I forgot that’s the whole point. Make the mind stop craving all these things.

The bike ride should be super good for me though. Weather is nice too.

Good chatting with you ekoms.

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Yes I’m addicted to cigarettes too, like real bad. Seems impossible to quit at this point in life. In another light it’s the only vice I have left, I don’t do drugs anymore and don’t really drink, don’t abuse caffeine, I just smoke a ■■■■ ton. I’ve read that poor people find enjoyment in smoking because it’s cheap and a quick fix and stress reliever.

I would probably flip if I had to quit, it would be better to wait having an occupation or being into sports. I’ve tried and for me life seems so bland without smokes!

I don’t know man. I’ve been working on it for months. Gearing up to say goodbye to the habit. The trick is to forget about it. I know how bleak life can seem without cigs. But it’s just an adjustment. You have to set up the mind to keep thinking about other things. And you have to see things playing out without smokes.

Best of luck. I won’t guilt you if you keep the habit up either way. I used to love cigs.

taken from my blog, grutworks:

One Kind of Sad Moment

When Alec and I went go-kart racing last week, we stood watching the first group go round and round, and race each other, and laugh and have fun, and Alec was getting into them having fun.

Then our turn, and nobody was waiting with us, so it was just him and I. Operating these cars was very difficult, and Alec couldn’t get the hang of it. He was noticeably feeling let down that he could not do it.

I tried helping him, and we made it around one time on the track with the help of the attendant, since Alec kept getting stuck. I think he may have felt cheated that this was not something he could do like the others.

Still I praised him, and we had fun at other things. It’s just so hard being Alec, you know?

Anyway, I just wanted to post that to tell you that I agree that this illness isn’t fair, but neither are a lot of others.

Hey man do you still got an Xbox? I remember your gamertag and was thinking about sending you a friend request on LIVE. I only have a 360 and don’t play it much but just in case I would go back to playing games I would have you on my friends list. I want to check your achievements also. :grimacing:

I’ve been playing some Gears of War 3 again because I got it free from Games with Gold after getting rid of it, man is that game violent, but fun!

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Dude let’s play some gears!. GOW3 was the best.

Gamertag: Rockbad

My cheievements are pretty weak aside from oblivion. I’m only missing one on that game.

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Hah I almost just walked into my kitchen to smoke.


I don’t use mic. :weary:

Request will come from a gamertag starting with “bu”

It’s cool man. Voice chat just makes me hallucinate.

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