This illness is.......?

And understandably so!

Because imagine you are non schizophrenic?

And you meet me a schizophrenic person

That person doesn’t understand schizophrenia.

And I also don’t understand schizophrenia.


I would give all my guitar fingers to not have this dismal illness.


I wonder what it means that sz can have a hereditary component. My uncle and possibly my other uncle have psychosis disorder or sz.

I wish I didn’t have to work because my job is difficult with the side effects of the medication and such.

Worst thing is I have no idea what this medication is doing exactly, inside my body.

Best thing is, I’m alive today, ‘comfortably numb’ as @Mars has mentioned, enjoying the sunshine warmth and taking my time to empty some shopping and do the chores. It’s so nice to do this at my own pace in a friendly household. I’m so so so at peace with this moment and that makes me happy but what about the rest of my life lolllllllllllllllllllll :sweat_smile:


One day at a time slothy :smiley:


My grandma had SZ which is where I think I got it.

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I have no idea who had sz. So no idea how i managed to develop it

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I find this condition extremely sad. For me personally.

I just don’t know how to solve that sadness.

Because future is always uncertain.

I just don’t see how future can be certain.

So that makes my life extremely sad.

Because it means seperation.

How to adapt to seperation? That’s the question I need to think about. Since joy is immense acceptance apparently. (Osho)


I’m married to a neurotypical, it has worked for twenty-two years and counting. The main thing is that we both understand that the condition is mostly manageable. While there are bad days, there are many more good days.


Yea it is f u c k I n confusing lol.

It might be ‘multifactorial’ it might not lmao

It is a mystery.

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My mother has it and my youngest sister had it before she passed away.


That’s really good to hear in your situation. It makes me moved :slightly_smiling_face:

I shall give you a bite on your ankle for sharing.

I’m sorry to hear about her passing away :disappointed:

I hope you are managing okay :+1:

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Dont let the illness define your identity. Just be yourself :blush:


All is well, its decades ago now but thanks. The depths of this disease can be deep though slothy.


I second your sentiment. Be yourself is a hard thing to learn sometimes though.


Aw sanks Mr LevelJ1!


Yuuuuu welcoome :hugs::hugs::hugs:


Yeah I found once I was 30 i stopped giving a crap about what people think and just kept doin my thaang :sweat_smile:


This illness is full of stigma. I had to go to the dentist today and she asks about meds and I just say that I take ADs for depression (which is also true). She’s super nice. People with depression get a caring response.

When I tell I have sz (which I don’t tell anymore) they are worried I’m going to stab them. Even my pharmacist keeps asking if I have a big enough stock of APs.


It really depends on how much work you put into it. A few years ago I was getting through a serious psychotic break, couldn’t function well for a few years and bounded in and out of hospitals.

Today I’m working part time, volunteering when I can, taking care of 3 disabled family members out of our family of 7. Am off APs fully.

It’s damned hard, but I don’t find life or this illness sad. It’s just something that IS. Doesn’t stop me from enjoying life unless I let it.

I have sza, it doesnt have me.