this..I sleep during the day to get away

From the neighbors. One guy says I’m going die. Next night same thing. Upstairs neighbors plotting. Well we’re all gonna die but can you ■■■■ off. No one.

I’m sorry you are experiencing this.

I sleep during the day too due to fatigue and boredom


I generally have nightmares until I scream myself awake, then I spend the whole day with a dream voice in my ear talking and talking. Then I go to bed again >_<

Maybe I’ll get lucky and the dreams will stop soon. They usually come in phases.


That’s scary. 7533467889

I can cope better with antidepressant I just added. I just hope I don’t get manic.
Just try to find right serotonin balance

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It will get better. Meds take time to fully help. Hugs

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