This hurt me alot when i remember

i remember in the first years of my illness
voices keep telling me : we are real ppl
i begin to joke on them :you r so funny there is illness , many ppl suffer from the symptoms i hv you r so funny , what real ppl you r saying , how can i believe what you r saying !!!
then i went to doctors i prescribed meds
i begin to take med
voices begin to say : meds will not work becoz we r real ppl
and thereafter they talk as they wish they hurt me as they wish!!!
this sentence hurt me alot whenever i remember it
i still remember this time of my illness
i also still remember
when i insult them they give me symptoms in my body like if it is torture
for long years this happened
idk where is the problem to insult voices !!!

I’ve dealt with the same thing. It sucks, and no one around me will tell me though I see proof of it. Also people will question your schizophrenia telling you that everyone is crazy believing that you’re fixable and try to “fix” you. People think they know schizophrenia, but I don’t think they do.

Also if the voices aren’t real what’s the problem with ■■■■■■■ with them, ignoring them, or being rude or pissed at them.

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