This forum is for trolls and sick people

I mean the OP.


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I am the OP. And I am also a human.

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I mean the original post.

Im not being mean. The last post I was asking if we knew each other. Its freaking me out how everyone singles me out.

If you want to anonymize your account you have to come back in 2 weeks and repeat the same request.

Good luck with all your endeavors.

People here can be ■■■■■■■■ but they mean well.

no thanks. I’ll stay. And I never made any racial slurs. I have seen mods edit posts and put in fake posts under me so whatever…have at it im done.

Yes you were. And worse, now you are trying to deny it as it wasn’t just written above.

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someone just wrote something accusing me of writing racial slurs. Now you all are trolling and attacking me and its because you want to coverup your own guilt for singling me out and perpetually singling me out and i want to know why.

really? Its not appearing to be so. I dont think this is a safe forum for me actually you people dont provide a safe place for anyone just make an example of me to cover your shame.

Sorry to hear you’re feeling bad @anon57496651.

Hope you decide to stay here.

We are a good bunch, really

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They aren’t doing that. I deleted the comment because it wasn’t constructive enough. I do want to help you. It’s just unfair, imo, that you act like anyone is attacking you while we try to be helpful

Do you actually mean that or do you just care about being paid, for real. Because integrity matters. I would make a good moderator. No one asked me because I believe in God and Im not ashamed to at least admit I have faith in a higher power.

And you did use a slur. I won’t repeat it but it’s a word that was popularly used that we no longer use because of it’s etymology and meaning

I didnt know it was a slur and I know what u are referring to I used the word for fortune teller in a poem…and I apologized and deleted it.

Thanks everyone, I’ll stay. Im going thru a hard time please dont attack me.


the sunrise is realy beautiful and I think the psychosis is starting to ebb

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Nobody wants to attack you. I think you just want to interact. There are better ways to go about instigating an interaction

no I have been going thru psychosis and Im depressed because Im singled out here so I never get to say anything and no one would believe me either. They dont care. so whatever happens no one even attempts to care.

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and I think its a conspiracy because somehow mysteriously since i Moved back from NY I have no ID no SS card lost SSI lost everything and everyone just pounces on me every time I share a free thought.

its also funny how every time I post or hint at a delusion you lock the topic. almost as if to incite paranoia

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You stray into religion often… I think you should try participating more in the say anything thread