Why do you hate me so much


You’re so out of line with me.

I actually don’t think I want to be here with someone like that. Treating me so horrible

You’re really ■■■■■■■ mean to me

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Why what happened @Mae?

He keeps directing mean comments at me

You can ignore him or contact a mod.
That’s not fair


I’m not very strong person on this forum

I understand it is to be expected that not everyone will like me necessarily

Are you sure it was directed at you?
I saw what was said but no names were mentioned.

Try to ignore him. You are valued and liked here.


Don’t let one person ruin your experience here. We like having you here. :pig::pig::pig:


Sorry if he doesn’t want to respond it is probably best to just shut this down



Anyways I’m stressed out over personal things that’s probably why he is affecting me

@Mae If you have a concern about a user’s post(s), please flag them for moderator review. Having a public discussion on the forum is not helpful.