I am very. Boring person in advance. 200 years

The. Years will come. And I will think that my life sucked

Say what you want to me,

But you’re the one that’s miserable.

Make some changes and stop posting this crap.

You are. Not. Cool at all. I don’t. Want. To talk to. You

Delete. Your account. You are. Useless

lol you two have always had a go at it XD

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Why dont you just ignore the thread then? Hes allowed to post whatever he wants that’s not against the rules and you attacking him like this on a support forum helps no one.


Its hard to ignore his threads when he’s literally every other post.

Its obnoxious,

He could make one thread and continue to post on it like other people do.

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Poor. Girl crying. Receiving sad. Posts :smile:

You come off as arrogant. Hes allowed to post whatever he wants that doesn’t break forum rules. Dont like it? Dont click.

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Yeah, but kids don’t know how to use forums like adults. It’s to be expected when a teen does this.

You come off as new to the forum and haven’t had as much experience with this member as I have.

Maybe you should stay out of it.

I’ve seen you attack him multiple times, so no I wont stay out of it. Literally all you have to do is ignore him.


She is very cocky defeats everyone and cannot loose

Is he a teenager?

That would explain a lot.

@ZombieMombie why are you attacking me you are teenager don’t respect me at all you are not my friend I will not talk to you more

Sending out hugs to everyone.

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I like all you people. We should help others when they are down. Some people also have BS meters which is okay too. I hope you guys can get along.


@Later_Gator has a point @anon54386108, sorry. I get that it’s annoying, but no one is forcing you to reply. He hasn’t actually done anything wrong, and you attacking him is only starting drama.

This is actually basically our community guidelines in a nutshell. If someone annoys you, avoid them. Don’t tear them down. This is a support forum, and the way some people get support is different from others. If it breaks the rules, flag it. If you just don’t like it, stay away.

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What are you talking about I defended you! I do t expect younger people to post the same as some e that’s had longer to mature. Wtf did I do bad to you!?