This forum is for trolls and sick people

Im not religious. I dont even Have a religion im what you call Pagan. God is the universe or whatever. Im rational. Just because Im creative doesnt mean Im some new agey loser.

say anything thread? Is that a joke?

I never said you were religious. I said that you stray into religious topics with your posts. That’s nice that you have found some sort of pantheistic perspective on reality. And I’m happy for you that you are happy for yourself. Be more open to friendship and good luck with the delusions

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can you name one example of one religious topic?

No I can’t but you’ve mentioned god in this thread

Why is that a joke?

thats a belief. there is a difference between a belief and whatever the hell religion is.

because there’s a thread you can say anything when clearly you cant

Ok so your spiritual beliefs can’t be communicated on this site

what if to me God is the mind? A product of concsiousness?

No your just pouting like a child


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dont know who that is. what if I said God is the product of the mind or a hallucination. I hallucinated God and you are not it. And Im not pouting, your trying to toy with me and Im just saying waht im thinking who cares

Is elon musk on here too?

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Elon Musk is most definitely not on this forum.

He has a mild form of autism, not schizophrenia.

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So did I…15151515151515115155151511515

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OK serious quesition. If I cant talk about God, can I talk about the paranormal?

I cant say it…lets just say I found that book called HOUSE OF LEAVES!!

Why should I believe you about God if you can so easily dismiss Spinoza without even a wiki search jeez

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You might find Spinoza interesting

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why are you bringing up someone with a God-complex? I thought you were religious.