This broadcasting thoughts thing/harassment through the interweb

NO CLUE HOW THEY KNOW WHAT I’M THINKING. I’m not gifted & wasn’t included on that info. I know stupid ass people around me do what I call MOUTHING & pretend they’re not doing it. 24/7 everywhere & anywhere I go. It pisses me off because they’re so stupid(people around me)& when I’m scared they don’t realize I mean I’m scared of me because I know how violent I’m capable of getting. Which is normal considering the reality they put me in. Only human. Unfortunately they think that, & want me to be scared of them. I’m terrified, terrified of me. They use triggering words only I would know. It’s been going on for the past 2yrs that I know of, maybe before that. I think it started in the home. I call my crappy family THE SHITTY COMMITTEE or just COMMITTEE. Any time I’ve asked they denied it was happening & sounded mentally challenged. I have a stalker who happens to be someone I had sex w/that joined the committee & also seems mentally challenged anytime I’ve asked him for the truth. There’s more to that stalker (Michael MTD) story but later maybe. He belongs to a messed up Facebook group (if anyone knows the group name I’d appreciate it)where it’s a safe place for stupid people to share ■■■■■■ up things they’ve done to their exes. Like spy, gang stalk, harass to the point they probably want to kill themselves or perhaps have. Sounds frightening to some but these are just a bunch of stupid people. They’re ugly, loud individuals keeping Vegas weak. Not sure if anyone’s heard of ‘Vegas Strong’. I’ve had breakdowns where I’ve cried & said outloud to stop buying the bs the committee & MTD we’re selling & believe the human that didn’t ‘earn it’, volunteered for it & was done against my will or knowledge, instead of the internet. Out loud almost screaming it. Oh yes, whenever I tattled the committee & mtd/face of the committee, whom I hold responsible btw, would hurt my left ear. Sometimes my left eye. Light sensitive btb. For some reason cars, not as much now, shine their brights at me while I’m driving. & yes some of the committee did try to convince me I was schizophrenic. I think they got angry & even more stupid when it didn’t work. My children & a Nickolas Neumann & his family are doing something via social apps like Snapchat & I think spyware on my phone. They can stop it but they won’t. This past year I was told it was going to go on all yr long weather I liked or not & weren’t going to explain why. They didn’t stop like they said & it’s continueing this yr obviously. The committee tell me I need MTD & not to ignore me. Yes I do smoke & no I don’t believe they care like they pretend, since I smoke even more because of this reality they’ve created. I was actually trying to quit before all this. I have anxiety issues, depression (which is another story)& I am a bit crazy but not mental. & No none around me wants to let me in on their joke. They won’t give me the info to whatever app they’re using to share info about me to each other. All I know is that they’re ugly loud weak pieces of waste people around me that are being used. While the committee & the face of the committee are at home on their phones recieveing the info & passing on bs to say to me for them. The committee & MTD have my number but refuse to communicate directly to me for some reason & none of these weak people that won’t shut the up want to explain anything.

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Okay, first of all,

Not trying to be rude, but calm down, collect your thoughts and post again.

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Done & accidentally hit the wrong button which I tend to do. Thought I lost the whole thing.
It’s a bit difficult to explain all the occurrences around me.
That’s the best I can do to explain. There’s a lot going on.

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Just calm down,

No one is doing anything intentional to hurt you, it’s all in your head.

Are you on any medication ? How is your living situation atm ?

Only stating facts in my life I realize it sounds unbelievable. Harassment is extremely damaging & harmful, anyone that believes it isn’t is delusional in my opinion. Yes I take Ativan for anxiety.

Ya I start thinking this way when im not medicated. Not that medicine will fix all your problems and not to minimize what you’re going through but you’re not alone. I used to think my entire university planned elaborate methods of making me feel bad with trigger words only I would know like you said. It all escalated into me believing in telepathy and some cosmic plot with angels demons and aliens. I became a messianic figure etcetera. What you’re going through is classic schizophrenia. I’ve seen a lot of people on this forum post like this. I’ll try to find a link to another discussion I had with someone similar to this. Whatever you do do NOT get violent, you will end up in jail like happened to me. Meds will help and you’ll be surprised. Lemme find the link to the other thread, it’s not exactly the same as what you’re going through but it has some ideas that might help you

Do I have schizophrenia? Try reading through this thread and see if any of it gels with you

Oh and I think Ativan is a benzo but it’s not really gonna help your current symptoms, you probably need some antipsychotic…sounds scary but it’s fine, I’ve tried several and abilify works for me. Talk to a psychiatrist about what you’re feeling, it’d be terrible if you accidentally hurt someone you love or even a stranger. These are symptoms of schizophrenia. I used to think there were demons or gins and gods and angels and aliens that possessed the people I love and made them harass me. Whether this is true or not the medication stops it from getting to you.

I’ve seen therapist/psychiatrist drugs don’t help making other people be quiet unfortunately. I also tend to be anemic which makes me weak, fatigued, hearing gets affected & if weak enough even vertigo. There’s lots of side effects to my anemia basically anywhere blood travels to can be affected. I’m not bad enough to need blood transfusions weekly or daily, once or twice a year but do get iron infusions. I get tired from all the B’s around me my brain can get enough sleep it seems. Not to mention the health issues physical ones not mental.

My previous post wasn’t posted. I just wanted to know if anyone knows the name of that messed fb group? Not to put anyone’s demons,angels, hauntings or alien down but the only advanced technology I know of is the internet & a phone. People can share info to thousands including your location & what your doing w/in mins by phone. Even through social media apps, unbelievable I know.

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W/in seconds even.

Ya I hear ya. That’s not happening as hard as it is to believe now you will realize with time that what you’re talking about is called a delusion. Have you been diagnosed with schizophrenia? You’re on the sz forum so you must have some insight into your condition. Basically there is no Facebook group about stalking you, at least not that I’m aware of, and most likely there isn’t. Why would people want to stalk you? Is it a social experiment? Are you a celebrity? No. That’s the short answer. But I know it’s hard to believe when one is in the thick of psychosis. It’s pretty classic stuff. I had some tech based delusions early on. But nobody is stalking you or sharing your location or reading your mind. Even if they could do so there’s no reason to.

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@Punctal welcome to the forum.

Are you on any antipsychotic meds at the moment?

Most of us felt we were under surveillance. Then when we got on meds that feeling went away.

It’s just your brain playing tricks on you basically.