Thinking to move to a care home

I’ve lost all my hope for the future. Im a burden to my family. Also everytime i relapse I end up having mania and docs stop my antidepreesants and after the relapse i sunk into major depression and constant suicide ideation. It takes a lot of time to get out of it. There are almost no proper jobs for sz here in my country. Even I work as a barista, since my last relapse its really weird there. Also to work among people can be a trigger for paranoid sz. I was thinking to move to a care home, buy a laptop and thats it. My mom is heavily against it, but i think it would be the best for me. What do you all say?

I’m sure you aren’t a burden if your mum doesn’t want you to go to care home

It’s best to live with family.
I wouldn’t choose to live in a care home unless it was my last resort.

I may continue living in my house but with a couple of roommates if that’s possible.

This is in the future.

Don’t go. Find a hobby and immerse yourself in it. That might work.

I live in a care home but, before she died, my mother and I weren’t getting along so well. I’d say, don’t let guilt make that decision. Like @shellys12 wrote, your mother wants you to stay with family. You don’t know how lucky you are.

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