One year and a 1/2 after my last hospitalization

I was talking to my mom and she said because she’s getting older and tired, she can’t afford to look after me whenever I relapse. She went on to say that I should stay home instead of work or school. I could do these things from home if I wanted to but that there’s no pressure.

I’m also looking at the possibility of being partially home-bound for the rest of my life and I’ve accepted it. I’ve also accepted that I don’t see a partner for myself in the future and that I’ll probably end up in a home when I have no more family left to take care of me.

I definitely want more for myself and will work hard towards recovery because I am still young. But it’s okay if things don’t go 100% according to plan.


Maybe if you have siblings they could house you, or help you in the future.

Kudos to you for staying out of the hospital for over a year.

I empathize. My mother isn’t getting any younger, and I’m nearing 40. I think what I’m trying to say is that I’m also going to have to make some similar decisions in my future.

Whatever decisions you reach about your future care I hope you’re happy and at peace. :hugs:

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Don’t be so sure about that. As you said you’re still young. Nobody can predict the future.


Both my parent are very old and my brother is too busy with his life.
I don’t know what will happen to me in the future.
I belong to a MI Charity Organization that provides supportive housing, so this could be in my cards.
I’m already using their case management program.

Hold on to hope @MissJennyJen.
Good things could happen in the future.


Thank-you for the encouragement everyone!

I wish I could give everyone a hug in real life.

Keep on fighting!



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