Thinking thinkning thinking


idk howtro practice drawing

idont know if i can draw proffesionaly, its very hard to think…

just drawing will not make you good at art, you have to study

That is really good. There are many art professions you can get into that suits your skills.


i feel down after i draw this drawing i put alot of effort its still bad in my opinion

like what ?ddddd

I think it looks great !


but its not materialised

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its not good for some proffesional animation or video game

kids draw better then me

Lol. You’re a big critic of your work. You shouldn’t be, it’s really good.


Well - for me it was graphic design - it’s probably the most versatile creative job.

I also worked with commissioned illustrators when I needed a certain style of art - and commissioned work.

You can create stock art for Adobe stock. Anytime anyone uses your art you get a cut.

You can work in animation. If you learn animation drawing.

A lot more.


yes you have to learn, with my current skill i cannot get job in art industry

You can get an entry level job and learn from the professionals.



idk if i am practicing drawing good idk

idk see jobs like that where i live

Keep practicing.

Jobs are different everywhere. So if you live in a smaller city, there will be less jobs.

If you like visual arts, graphic design is everywhere. They need that no matter what city you live in.

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how to i practice, t olearn drwaing good ?

You want to be known for a certain style? Keep evolving your style. Draw everyday.

If you want to be versatile. (More opportunities) draw everyday and keep changing styles once you are good at one - move on to another.