"Thinking test" for my SZ state

I am totally confused,
one doctor said (which did the test) that I actually shall be better taking meds,
and my doctor which consults me said that was not so bad. (the test)
How to know actually?
There is said in the conclusion: That my communication is “Ok”, but I am a bit anxious.
there is said that there are problems with my critical thinking, that I am able to summarize information but according to the main things, and too broad generalizations. Like I am able to understand “simple things” but it’s harder for me to… “understand complex things?” It is said I am looking for “distant signs”
okay, whatever, I truly don’t get it, but somehow I feel it means I am still delusional sometimes. Or…
Who knows something about these tests?

Sometimes psychologists are better diagnosticians than medical doctors. Psychologists may spend more time with testing, that is.