Thinking of writing a book

If I write this book it’ll largely based on my life, I just don’t think I’ll put that it based on true events or anything


That sounds good @Twialine. I’ll bet you have some stories.

@ZombieMombie has been bugging me to write a self-help book. Probably not going to happen unless I can figure out how to work vampire hookers into it. I mean, it’s not top shelf literature without vampire hookers. Or zombie jailbait at a minimum.

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Good luck with the book!

I know many on this forum have written one. You could join that elite club🙂

I once thought of writing a book but without words just pictures of me being drunk, smoking cigarettes, exiting my mothers womb(yikes) and pacing around constantly…I would have the reader of said book fill in the pics with what they’d like said about what was being illustrated. I’m rambling now damn it! My thoughts are non-stop for kermit the frogs sake! Somebody throw some water on me.