Thinking of quitting cable

Tbh I only watch the sports and ancient aliens. I can stream the sports legally for half price and I already own all the ancient aliens dvds.

Bit worried it is my cognitive problems talking though. Right now my attention problems are the worst they have ever been so I watch no tv.

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Lots of people quitting cable, many of the shows you can watch online for free. mine is included in my lot rental so stuck with it


I haven’t had cable since I moved out of my parents house 4 years ago. I just stream everything from my laptop for free. Sometimes I go somewhere with cable, and I’m shocked at how many commercials there is! After going so long without it, it really reminds me of brainwashing and consumerism.


Cable is a ripoff!

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How much is it in your country? :slight_smile:

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For the full big package is £70-£80 a month. The sports streaming is £33.99 a month. I literally only watch sports anyway.

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wow thats a lot of money, what does the full big package contain?

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All sports, all the movies, all the big shows and box sets.

Thing is if I recontract I would get it for a much lower price but I don’t want to be tied down by a contract. The streaming thing is only a month by month type thing.

I really can’t afford the big tv package.

That’s it I have decided! Quitting cable - I can’t in all conscience be shedding out that much money a year. I started when I had some money in my pocket. Times are hard now.

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My wife would never let me get rid of cable but I could certainly do without it.

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Can you get Sling TV in the UK? Or some streaming TV service? They’re much cheaper than cable in the US.

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You could get basics for sports and the rest use Hulu, Netflix, etc. Save a ton. Then use voip instead of landline.


Yeah gonna get basic sports and Netflix for everything else

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I agree with he Netflix. I have Netflix and amazon. I find amazon to be better.

There are just one or two Netflix original tv shows that i love that aren’t available on amazon. But pretty much everything else is. And more.

I have Netflix, and I watch free movies at .

Other than that I use a Terk HDTV Indoor Amplified High-Definition Antenna, along with an additional 15db HDTV amplifier that I purchased on sale. This gets me up to 50 free digital TV channels on a good day. The price of the Terk antenna is about 2.5 time the price I paid many years ago. I guess they raised the price once more people were dumping the cable and switching to air antennas.

I have cable now but really only watch a few hours each week. When I lived in my dry cabin (I live in Alaska), there were only 3 channels on the TV and no internet but I pretty much got used to it and didn’t feel the absence, I read a lot. And hauled water a lot!
Now I live in an apartment and have running water, cable, internet, and NEIGHBORS! I am totally spoiled now…

The world is cutting cable. It’s a big trend that his hurting TV businesses like fakestream media and such.

I am thinking about trying PlayStation vue. The plan I want is 45 dollars. Then I would have to get internet alone which is likely 55 dollars. I want mlb network and this is only streaming service that has this station. Then I would have to get an antenna for local tv. I would probably only save 15 dollars over cable. It might not be worth it. Cable is great for local sports.

Cable is expensive and many times unnecessary.

I had to get cable in order to get local sports.

I would have to go old school. I would have to listen to the nuggets, rockies and avalanche on radio.