Cut the cable! Cancelled my tv package

Just Netflix for me now

Me too. :confused:

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See, my dad pays for my cable and I pay the electric bill…the cable is a fixed price with internet combined for like $60 a month while the electric bill fluctuates because my whole apartment runs on electricity. I pay like $130 a month in electricity & heat.

If my dad wasn’t paying my cable I probably wouldn’t pay for it. Plus my whole family has a Netflix account we use so I don’t pay for that either.

The only thing I watch on TV is sports. Later I’d much rather read a book or listen to Terence McKenna if sports are not on.

So cable is actually better than Netflix for me.

Although both aren’t that great. I don’t really like TV other than sports AT ALL.


Well the cable company does a contact free internet streaming service of its sport channels. Will pay for this. Like you all I watch is sports.


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